The biggest skincare trends of 2022 revealed

While retinol has always been the gold standard in skincare ingredients, TikTok is seeing another contender hot on its heels, according to WWD.

According to data from Hey Discount, hyaluronic acid has overtaken retinol in terms of year-over-year growth in TikTok views. It increased by 1,023% in 2022, while retinol has seen 275% growth over the same period. 

However, it should be noted that growing economic uncertainty could be a contributing factor in preventing TikTok views from translating to actual purchases. Many of TikTok’s top skincare trends have also experienced recent decreases in Google searches.

Despite hyaluronic acid’s growing TikTok popularity, it has also seen a 1.8% decline in Google searches. Searches for niacinamide, which grew by 231% in TikTok views last year, have declined by 6.5% over the same period. Similarly, TikTok views for ‘glass skin’ have increased by 90%, while Google searches have decreased by 15%, in comparison.

Below are the biggest skincare trends of 2022, based on the cumulative TikTok views each has acquired, according to Hey Discount.

1. Retinol - 1.5 billion
2. Gua sha - 1.1 billion
3. SPF - 1.3 billion
4. DIY skin care - 550.1 million
5. Glass skin - 448.8 million
6. Hyaluronic acid - 448.8 million
7. Niacinamide - 434.4 million
8. Salicylic acid - 218.4 million
9. Cleansing balm - 158.1 million
10. Ceramides - 174.7 million

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