Non-negotiable skincare products to add to your daily routine

Starting or sticking to a skincare journey when there are so many options on the market can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t know which products are absolutely essential.

Thankfully, Ally Gibson, the Australian distributor of the renowned cosmeceutical range, Sircuit Skin, has broken it down into three-must have products: a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser.

"Your number one non-negotiable is a cleanser,” she said. “The main aim of a cleanser is as it states – to cleanse the skin of dirt and impurities, but it is important to not upset the PH balance of the skin whilst doing so. Stripping the skin of necessary natural oils simply causes an overproduction of oil and can often lead to dehydration and breakouts. Finding a cleanser that is free of sodium lauryl sulfate is your best option, ie. Sircuit X-trap, which also contains dirt resistant peptides for a deep clean."

Secondly is an exfoliant, Gibson continued, saying: "Many scrubs move around the surface of the skin, causing distorted pores and stimulating unwanted capillary activity when too abrasive. Opt instead for an enzyme or alpha hydroxy acid exfoliating mask or at-home peel such as Mocha Loca, a sinfully sweet, no-carb chocolate fix. It also provides the skin with essential antioxidants to minimise free radical damage and leaves clear, healthier skin after gentle removal of cells."

Finally, a moisturiser is your fail-safe protection for the skin. "Not only does it lock in necessary hydration, but can often include anti-ageing and skin clearing benefits. A great moisturiser will often provide these benefits to the skin, which keeps the routine minimal for those just starting out. Sircuit Dreamweaver is a luxurious night cream with epidermal growth factors and skin supporting gardenia stem cells to heal, nourish and protect."

Below, we have rounded up some additional great skincare essentials to keep your complexion cleansed, smoothed and nourished. Make sure to click on the brand names to download hi-res imagery.


AMPM Skincare Milk Cleanser is a lightweight, gentle milk cleanser that is formulated with rosehip and aloe vera. This non-foaming milk cleanser removes daily pollutants and makeup, while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.

DMK Enbioment™ Cleanser cleanses the skin thoroughly without stripping it of its natural and healthy microflora, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. Designed with gentle cleansing agents derived from botanical sources and a natural preservative system, this cleanser will not make the skin feel tight and unprotected.

Bioré® Daily Detox Cleanser provides skin with a deep cleansing detox and removes daily grime, dirt, and oil.

Arbonne AgeWell Silky Cleanser with Vegan Surfactants is a luxurious cream-to-foam cleanser that gently washes away makeup and everyday impurities, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.


Sukin Naturals Brightening Jelly Exfoliator is formulated with Kakadu Plum, a natural source of vitamin C, and bromelain, a natural fruit enzyme, to gently remove impurities revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion.

Nu Skin® Nutricentials® Brighter Day Exfoliant Scrub is an innovative exfoliant scrub that removes dead skin cells and pore-blocking impurities to leave your complexion looking smooth and glowing bright.

Andalou CANNACELL® X.FOLIATE SCRUB is an exfoliating, botanical facial scrub. It is formulated with CannaCell® hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil, and pure plant essential oils for a complexion that glows.


PB SKN RESTORE Moisturiser is a restoring moisturiser that deeply nourishes and hydrates skin while strengthening its protective barrier with rice protein peptides, hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10.

Olay Regenerist Retionol24 Night Moisturiser is a fragrance and dye-free facial moisturiser that absorbs quickly and hydrates skin for 24 hours by penetrating deep into the skin’s surface layers.

Skin Physics OXYGEN-C Brightening Daily Moisturiser SPF15 is a vitamin-C infused daily moisturiser that helps protects the skin from damaging UVA, UVB, infrared radiation, blue light and pollution while hydrating and brightening the skin.