Understanding microbiome skincare

Microbiome – it’s the latest buzz word to take the skincare industry by storm. But what exactly does it mean, and what are the benefits for your skin?

With brands leaning into this new way of treating the skin – one of which is Skin Physics, who recently released a four-product, pro- and pre-biotic line up – we can't help but be intrigued as what this means for our new skincare routines.

To learn more, BD spoke to Biophysics general manager, backed by the Skin Physics formulations chemist, Chantelle Searle, to get the lowdown on all things microbiome. Continuing reading to find out more…

Can you tell us what microbiome-based skincare is exactly?

To put it simply, microbiome based skincare contains a mix of ingredients (namely pre, pro and post biotics) that work together to help to improve and maintain balance in the skin's overall health and function.

Who would this suit?

Microbiome skincare is designed for all skin types including sensitive skin. The key benefits of microbiome skincare however will specifically help those who are experiencing concerns linked to a weakened skin barrier such as dryness, breakouts, redness, inflammation and accelerated ageing.

What benefits would someone expect to see using microbiome-based skincare?

Microbiome skincare is different to other skincare ranges as it is uniquely formulated to ensure essential resources are delivered to the skin and its microbiome. It encourages growth of beneficial bacteria that promotes healthier, stronger barrier function. After ongoing use of microbiome skincare, users should notice significant improvements in overall skin health by way of hydration, texture, elasticity, firmness and increased radiance.

How can pre- and post-biotics benefit our skin?

Pre, pro and post biotics each serve a different function and work best when combined. Prebiotics nurture and fuel the growth of probiotics (good bacteria) and help them to deliver optimal results, and postbiotics reinforce the skin's natural barrier function.

How should we be protecting our skin barrier?

Alongside microbiome based skincare, you should ensure you use a good moisturiser that delivers a high dose of  hydration to the skin. Don’t use harsh products on skin that can strip the skin's natural oils. And as always apply SPF daily!

What ingredients should we be looking out for?

It is almost impossible to call out single ingredients as everyone’s skin is unique. However, best practice would be to seek out a product/range that contains a mix of “biotic” ingredients (pre-, pro-, and post-). This will allow a well-rounded approach to stabilising and maintaining skin’s healthy microbiome.

What are the benefits of using an entire microbiome-based routine?

A complete and balanced skin microbiome which then often results in;
- Stronger and more resilient skin
- Increased hydration
- Decreased skin sensitivity and redness
- Decrease in flare-ups of inflammatory skin concerns (such as breakouts, acne etc.)
- Improvement in overall texture and tone
- Vibrant, more youthful-looking skin.

What product/s would you recommend for someone wanting to introduce a microbiome addition into their regular routine?

Skin Physics Biome Balance Intensive Pro Renewal Serum is a great all rounder product that offers all the benefits discussed in above points however can be used in conjunction with any current skincare regime. Like any serum on the market, you just add this to your routine (before your day cream and or night cream) and reap the benefits.

Looking ahead, what skincare trends do you predict to see in 2022?

I think a focus on the skin’s microbiome will continue well into 2022 and beyond, mainly due to external skin aggressors only being heightened in our current living circumstances. As our lives become busier consumers will continue to look for skincare options that give ultimate benefit with little effort, simple yet effective is definitely what we are seeing customers wanting.

More customers treating themselves at home and a continued approach to a holistic regime. For example, at home devices, ingestible/supplements and all-in-one treatments – or anything that goes viral on TikTok!

To learn more about the new Skin Physics range, and to download hi-res product images, click here.