Carissa Walford's advice on navigating a brand partnership

TV presenter and media personality, Carissa Walford, has long been an advocate of using her hair as a tool for expression. So what better brand for the Sydney-based journalist to partner with than hair colour experts Schwarzkopf? At the launch of the brand's new campaign film, WHEN – that Walford starred in and produced – she boldly debuted her ruby red locks, a drastic but playful departure from her perennial blonde bob. 

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BEAUTYDIRECTORY chatted to Walford to find out more about her partnership with Schwarzkopf and why changing your hair colour is a statement of creativity and much more.  

1. Can you tell us a little bit about how the partnership with Schwarzkopf came about? 
The Schwarzkopf team approached me because they know I love to try out bold new colours – but they also came to me with a creative brief. Knowing my background as a producer, they challenged me to create something disruptive for their Create Your Style campaign, that would rise above typical beauty partnerships and create lasting resonance. I knew straight away that I wanted to produce a short film that explored hair transformation during pinnacle moments in Womens lives…the campaign and celebration of expressive beauty really spoke to me, so I couldn’t wait to start the creative process!

2. What was it about the brand that drew you to working with them?
Schwarzkopf has been a staple in my hair routine since being a teenager, and I’ve always used hair as a tool for expression. I was so excited to work with a brand that wanted to bring my bold colour transformations to life, but I was delighted to collaborate with Schwarzkopf on a creative level too. Bringing my experience as a producer and director to the campaign allowed me to talk authentically to my experience with expressive beauty, and I couldn’t be prouder of the film!
3. What was the inspiration behind the short film and how did you make sure it would stand out?
I’m a big believer in embracing change and like many other women, I like to reinvent and transform my appearance during these pinnacle moments in my life… I wanted the campaign film to talk to transformation beyond the surface level and celebrate expressive beauty. WHEN inspires you to take control by embracing change and creating your own unique style
4. What made you choose the vibrant ruby red for your new hair colour?
I’m slowly making my way through the entire colour spectrum! I’ve been blonde, brunette, pink, copper… I knew I wanted to do something bold, so when I was looking through the Brilliance range the fiery, ruby red – 43 red passion -  jumped out at me. It definitely makes a statement!
5. Why do you think people should embrace experimenting with Schwarzkopf's hair colours?
Personal reinvention is good for you! You’re not the same person you were 5 years ago, even 2 years ago – and extending personal transformation to your environment, attitude and appearance is the most empowering feeling. Schwarzkopf have a huge collection of colours across permeant, semi-permanent and temporary formulas… so there’s no excuse, try that new colour you’ve been thinking about!
6. What are some recent hair colour trends that you're particularly fond of?
I’m LOVING jewel toned, rich, glossy hair – hence the ruby red! 
7. You're a proud supporter of the #timesup campaign, as someone in the public eye, how do you hope to inspire change?  
I want to have a platform that really helps women and sparks change for the next gen of creatives. Taking production and the creative process into my own hands is really important to me – it’s definitely a learning curve, but I want to ensure that the content I’m putting out is authentic and impactful.
8. What's in store for Carissa over the next year? 

I’m excited to be working with Schwarzkopf through the rest of 2018! I’m also excited to focus on turning IN BED WITH CARISSA into an empowering network, creating impactful and inspiring content with my interviews.

Produced in partnership with Schwarzkopf. To find out more and download hi-res images, visit the brand listing.