Men found to be massive users

It’s no secret that men use their partner’s products in the shower, but this trend is reportedly costing Australian women across the nation a whopping $350 million annually – an average of $177 each.

The NIVEA Men Shower Report found that 88 per cent of Aussie men admit to having a wash with female shower products, adding up to an average of 4.1 litres of product during a lifetime.

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The top products being pilfered by men who share their shower with the opposite sex are shampoo (61 per cent), body wash (57 per cent), facial wash (43 per cent) and face scrub (37 per cent). It was also found that 24 per cent of men will even go as far as to steal their ladies’ towel.

Two of the main reasons for men using women’s products are because they’ve run out of their own stuff (42 per cent), or due to being too lazy to buy it in the first place (15 per cent). As a result, it was found that 24 per cent of women have removed their products from the bathroom due to this trend.