Men lie more than women about time spent on appearance

While there’s no shame in taking a little longer to get ready in the morning, it turns out that a third of consumers are lying about how much time they spend styling their hair. 

In addition to this, men are the worst offenders when it comes to lying about how much mirror time it takes to get ready – only taking (on average) 15 minutes less than women. 

A new survey by Remington found that 30 per cent of people admitted they pretended to model ‘straight out of bed’ hair, when in reality it took an average of 38 minutes each day to achieve the look.

However, men were the worst offenders with 32 per cent denying how long it took them to do their hair. 

Remington marketing manager Sarah Harding commented on the findings, saying: “Our research revealed that we tell these white lies to our partners more than anyone else, with 40% admitting their other half doesn’t know the truth [about how long is spent on appearance].

“The primary reason for bending the truth is consumers worrying about appearing vain (34 per cent) with many embarrassed about how long they spend primping.

“It seems many of us are hiding the truth about about how long we spend getting ready in a bid to appear as though our look is natural and effortless.”