Expert predicts: Brow and hair removal trends for 2022

Welcome back to BD’s third edition of ‘Expert Predicts’: where we shine a spotlight on 2022 beauty trends with the help of a seasoned expert.

This week, we chat to Nair ambassador and founder of Daniela Costa Brows & Beauty,  Daniela Costa, who tells us everything we need to know about the happenings in the world of eyebrows and hair removal.

After all, with the beauty industry currently chopping and changing with the easing of COVID restrictions, it’s no surprise that trends are coming, going and evolving at a rapid pace.

What will be trending in the world of eyebrows in 2022?

“Believe it or not, the ‘90s brows are making a comeback, but don’t worry, it’s not tragic this time around!” Costa told BD. “Brows will be thinner (sans overplucking) with a more sculpted look. Full and fluffy brows will also be here to stay for 2022, with this natural and less defined look being easily achieved with a simple brow soap/gel or brow lamination.”

Costa said she is currently also seeing a lot of clients opting for fuller, straighter brows with a minimal arch to achieve that non-surgical, Bella Hadid-esque, cat-eye look. In terms of tinting, the Hybrid Brow Dye, a gel dye with similar intense and long-lasting effects as Henna, is becoming increasingly popular as well.

“In the world of eyebrows, people are becoming attuned to what suits them which is why we’re seeing a mix of the modern take of the 90s brows, full and fluffy brows, and straight brows,” she added. “It seems like we’re starting to get it right now.”

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What can we look forward to in hair removal innovation and trends?

According to Costa, semi-permanent hair removal treatments such as laser hair removal and electrolysis have come a long way over the years and are constantly innovating. These devices can now target lighter shades of hair and even multiple hairs at the same time. She recommends electrolysis for chin hairs or lighter hairs that laser hair removal can’t reach.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve all become pretty comfortable and confident with our at-home hair removal routines. This trend will be here to stay as people prefer convenient solutions from their own home without needing to juggle appointment times. 

We’re seeing more and more innovative products that are specific to certain needs and body parts. For example, the Nair Leg Mask with 100% Natural Clay and Charcoal removes hair and stubble, minimises hair growth but also moisturises the skin. The perfect solution for those who want a quick and multipurpose hair removal solution.”

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Are there any trends being left behind?

Costa said that most trends from last year will continue on to 2022. Rather than one-size-fits-all eyebrow trends, she is seeing people embrace custom eyebrow looks that suit their unique face, rather than forcing your face to follow a trend. 

“It’s important to remember that there's no perfect approach to hair removal and brow maintenance, everyone has their own style and each method will depend on your skin type and desired look,” she said.

Are any of these trends surprising?

“I’m surprised to see more people opting for thinner brows, but it’s nice to see that overplucking is still being avoided,” Costa said. “We’ve learnt from the past and know that we don’t need to remove hoards of hair to achieve a thin, groomed brow! Celebrities are going thinner with their brows and slowly moving away from the Cara Delevingne style brow that has reigned supreme over the years.”

Has the pandemic impacted the eyebrows and hair removal categories?

Absolutely said Costa, noting that the au naturale brow is definitely more common post lockdown.

“People have grown accustomed to their natural brow during the pandemic and are now starting to opt for a minimalist, clean and un-manicured brow. People are also avoiding the bold, overdrawn look, and moving towards looking after their brows and going for a minimalist makeup look with a more natural tint. We’re going to see a lot less groomed brows and definitely more trends such as eyebrow lamination."

When it comes to hair removal, at-home routines may stick around as many people became used to this routine during lockdown.

“Even with eyebrows, I see clients who now know how to maintain their eyebrow shape in between their next appointment or have had to learn how to because they have had to cancel/delay their appointment due to COVID safety rules. 

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