The biggest beauty trends to come out of Cosmoprof 2019

Each March, beauty brands from across the globe come together to showcase their latest innovations to buyers, distributors, media and beauty professionals.

Cosmoprof Bologna – one of the most highly anticipated industry events of the year – helps shines a spotlight on countless cutting-edge, creative products that are set to be the next big thing in the world of beauty.

This year, a record-breaking number of exhibitors (3,033 companies from over 70 countries) attended the four-day exhibition in Italy. Here are some of the top trends and brands to take away:

Luxurious masculinity
While men’s grooming often takes a backseat when it comes to beauty, this year saw a clear shift – especially in packaging.

Japanese brand, Bulk Homme, for instance, focuses on minimalistic skincare in refillable packaging. Meanwhile, makeup company For Men, aims to provide men with ways to naturally cloak stubborn imperfections, as well putting “a twist on feminine tools.”

Fast acting products
Perhaps fuelled by today's social media culture, fast acting products are designed for instant gratification. In fact, a growing number of brands are “playing fairy godmother” by offering transformative products with Instagram appeal to “burgeoning Cinderellas.”

Tea as a star ingredient
Tea was one of the hero ingredients at this year’s Bologna’s exhibition. From brightening the complexion to depuffing the eye area, it seems the ingredient has something for everyone to benefit from.

Although green tea has long been popular in skincare, British brand, Teaology, has added five different types to its products: white for anti-ageing and firming, blue to help glow, matcha for its antioxidants and nourishing benefits, green for its detoxifying qualities and black to help energise skin.

Intimate products
Pushing away any stigma, a number of brands proudly displayed their intimate products at Cosmoprof, including French skincare brand, Woman Essentials, which aims to provide for every need – from anything like body wash to lubricant and intimate deodorant.

Other brands, such as Blondépil Homme, unveiled hair removal cream for men, while Luxury Intimate’s Li Quandisa line is said to help regulate pH levels while gently perfuming personal areas.

Twists on a classic
With Cosmoprof proving that certain trends, such as sheet masks, aren’t disappearing any time soon, many brands stood with their innovative spins on classic products. For example, new Korean skincare brand, Franz, introduced The Microcurrent Mask System, which utilises two mask layers and microcurrents to help the skin fully embrace the essence’s hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins.

Patchology also announced a twist on acne skincare systems, combining sheet masks with the need for convenience, while Korean brand, Elroel revealed a line containing SPF50 that allows users to top-up sunscreen on-the-go with a cream to powder formula that also helps brighten and moisturise the complexion.