Biologi influencer campaign raises over $10K for breast cancer

Last month, Australian skincare brand Biologi launched an influencer campaign that saw the brand raise over $10,000 in just 24 hours for the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Tapping into a powerful reach of over two million followers, the campaign was fronted by breast cancer survivor, Biologi ambassador and woman behind the blog 23 and Breastless, Sofi Leota.

With top tier names like Elle Ferguson, Alice in Healthy Land, Jordan Simek, Zoe Marshall, Sammy Leo and Oceana Strachan all posting for the brand, the campaign was able to capture the success in tangible form by donating 100 per cent of profits from 24 hours of sales and donations on Biologi’s website.

“Leading up to the campaign we wanted to ensure that all influencers were armed with the right information, and more importantly, enough assets to choose from," said Biologi marketing manager, Lyndall Murray.

“Much of the success of the campaign came down to a tightly run schedule that included specific instructions and easy access to assets. We created an asset folder that all influencers had access to, which included videos and images, all available in different formats that would accommodate each social channel."

Many brands have long been tapping into the power of influencers, however, in most cases this comes at a cost. Luckily for Biologi, they were able to build a strong network of influencers who supported the campaign at no cost whatsoever.

“Because we were raising money for the Breast Cancer Network Australia, it was very important for us to not allocate too much budget on the promotion side of things," said Murray.

“We focused on communicating the message with our influencer networks and asked that they would support the campaign at no charge."

The result of this successful influencer campaign culminated in Biologi raising $10,821.08 in just 24 hours on behalf of Leota for the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Leota was diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer at just 23 years old, then went through chemotherapy, radiation, a mastectomy and now as of January this year, at 24 years old, she is in remission.

Leota chose the Breast Cancer Network Australia because of the invaluable support they provided her throughout her journey.