The Instagram page aiding fire affected businesses

Many beauty brands have rallied together in recent times to support those affected by the horrific bushfires currently sweeping across Australia. What many are not talking about however are the brands and businesses that have been affected by these bushfires.

Luxury organic skincare brand, Clémence Organics, is one of these brands. And although director, Bridget Carmady, stresses that while she hasn’t lost property or lives close to her, she has had to deal with situations such as burnt land and fencing, while moving offices to ensure stock and staff stayed safe.

“I’m tired, sad and disappointed in our government,” she told BD. “As a small Blue Mountains based business, I struggle to comprehend the destruction and loss this nation has suffered, whilst at the same time ensuring my business stays intact. How can you feel sorry for yourself whilst so many suffer more? I want to give, donate, share but at the same time I need to look after my family and my business. Business-wise, it’s been a quiet month.”

In support of businesses that have been affected by the fires, Instagram page @spendwiththem is helping people connect with bushfire-affected businesses. Created by Turia Pitt and Grace McBride, it allows the public to buy direct from businesses to help them get back on their feet.

“Fires have ravaged towns and devastated communities across Australia,” Turia Pitt posted on Instagram. “It’s been going on for months. And once they’re finally over, it won’t be over for many of the local businesses in the towns you’re seeing on the TV and hearing about on the radio. A lot of these places rely on the tourist dollar for their very survival.

I’ve created this account, a place to feature businesses in fire-affected towns. So, if you want to buy something (now, or in the future), check out the stuff we feature here on this page and buy something from one of these businesses. Spend your money with the people and the communities who really, truly need it. They need you. We need you.”

Some other beauty brands featured on the page include @beloved_scents_soy_candles, @saarinenorganics, @gatherandharvest, @barebodybeautyco, @whiteearth_, @mapleridgegoatsoap, @justbeautifulpm, @peregrinestore, @organiqaustralia and @hinterlandhoneybyronbay.