A-beauty: Aussie beauty brands you need on your radar

We’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to Australian beauty brands, growing in reputation around the world. So in honour of Australia Day 2020, BD has rounded up 29 homegrown beauties to keep on your radar for the year ahead.

1000 Hour - 1000 Hour is an iconic Australian brand with over twenty years experience developing sought after, innovative and trending beauty products, including the ever-popular Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye Kit which helped give the brand its name. 1000 Hour now boasts some 16 products ranging from artificial lashes and nails, to hair colour mascaras and sticks, as well as essential beauty tools.

12Reasons - Experience the transformational ability of 12Reasons Hair Care Collection. Cleanse, detangle, colour protection, rich nourishment, anti-frizz, eliminate product build-up, deeply moisturise, add brilliant shine, smooth, nurture dry and damaged hair, improve manageability and won’t weigh hair down. Proudly Australian owned, vegan and not tested on animals. 

A’Kin - A’kin’s story began in Australia in 1987, when co-founder, botanical chemist, Will Evans, saw a gap in the market for pure, high quality and effective natural beauty products. In 1994 Al'chemy was launched, offering an unparalleled range of truly natural hair care products. Shortly after A'kin was launched in 2002 utilising the same pioneering technologies and leading the way in natural skincare.

Alya Skin - Alya Skin was started in by Melbourne best friends James Hachem and Manny Barbas in 2018, releasing the brands first product, the instafamous Australia Pink Clay Mask. The cult pink clay mask helps to detoxify, cleanse and brighten your skin. Using only pure ingredients, the products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. The Australian owned business, soon expanded with two other additions featuring a Pomegranate Exfoliator and Australian Native Berry Moisturiser. The core ingredients of every Alya Skin product is 100 per cent Australian. 

Alpha-H - Owned, operated and manufactured on the Gold Coast, Alpha-H is a family run business with its reach now extending to hundreds of Australian stockists and international affiliates. Despite a history stretching back twenty years, the brand’s core message remains unchanged; namely that it is committed to achieving visible results of replenishment and rejuvenation whatever your skin type or age. To ensure these changes happen as quickly and efficiently as possible, its products contain a concentrated and balanced combination of potent natural ingredients. The brand also avoids using any unnecessary chemicals, fragrances or fillers. 

Aqium - This antibacterial hand gel kills germs without the need for soap or water. No washing, rinsing or towelling is required as the gel formula dries in seconds. With added vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 to help prevent drying, Aqium Gel will leave hands refreshed, moisturised and hygienically clean.

Azclear - Introducing the new Azclear range for oily and acne prone skin. With the addition of two new products to the regime, Azclear Day Moisturiser with SPF 30 and Azclear Soothing Gel with Avemide 15 and Vitamin B3, the Azclear range now contains a cleanser, a treatment, a gel to help soothe sensitive skin and a moisturiser with SPF to help protect against UV damage while hydrating the skin.

Biologi - Australian skincare brand, Biologi is revolutionising the industry with its unique range of serums, offering the only 100 per cent active, water soluble plant extract range in the world. These active-ingredient serums have a profound effect on the skin, changing it on a cellular level and delivering on the promise that the product truly works. Each of the Biologi serums are extracted from a single native plant; finger lime, Davidson plum and Kakadu plum. Using a revolutionary extraction system, Biologi mimics the plant’s internal closed process to extract serums that work in the bottle as they do in their unique cellular environment. The brand's plant serums were created by renowned skincare chemist, Ross Macdougald, who was sick of the conventions of the industry and set out to prove that natural and organic can be more effective than synthetics.

Clémence Organics - Founder, Bridget Carmady (BNat, BHSc Hons) started her career in complementary medicine research, before running a naturopathic clinic, where she used nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes to remedy people’s health issues. In her clinic, she started attracting clients with skincare concerns including ageing skin, sensitivity, acne, eczema and rosacea. However, she felt that her clients were faced with a lack of skincare products that were gentle and made from natural and organic ingredients, but still able to deliver powerful results and the luxurious experience of conventional high-end skincare. So, she decided to develop her own, and Clémence Organics was born. The product of more than a decade of knowledge and experience, Clémence Organics is about nourishing, non-toxic ingredients, plus a commitment to the planet’s health, through recyclable packaging and zero hidden nasties. 

COLOUR by TBN - A colour for every occasion, COLOUR by TBN’s extensive lip and nail ranges gives you this season’s hottest runway colours, as well as statement classics. Not to mention the great price point!

DB Cosmetics - DB Cosmetics is 100 per cent committed to creating certified cruelty-free and certified vegan products that help to make every day beautiful, by being affordable and ethical. The range is free from harsh chemicals and has no talc, bismuth or parabens.

Dr.LeWinn's - For over 25 years, Dr.LeWinn's has been developed in Australia, after renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr.LeWinn established the brand. Initially entering the market with the Private Formula range, Dr.LeWinn's products are specifically formulated for Australian conditions, targeting an array of skin conditions, which has seen them maintain the number one brand in cosmeceutical skincare.   

Egozite - Part of the Ego Pharmaceuticals brand, Egozite is skincare for the newest skin. The range consists of two babycare products. An oil-based lotion specially formulated to loosen and remove the crusts of cradle cap. Egozite Cradle Cap Lotion has a specially designed dropper that allows for accurate application. It is free from lanolin, perfume or any other substances that might irritate baby’s skin.

Elucent - Elucent stands for bright skin, not bright filters - that’s why every product it makes is packed full of scientifically proven ingredients, designed to give your skin everything it needs to look its best. With two collections available - the AHA-packed Anti-Ageing range and the skin brightening Even Tone range - Elucent offers skincare essentials for all.

em&mary Coastal Naturals - A mother and daughter’s love of the coast, and the rejuvenating properties of the ocean, was the catalyst for em&mary Coastal Naturals. A blend of sustainably sourced natural extracts, gathered from sea and shore, em&mary harnesses the power of wild harvest seaweed and Australia’s natural flora to create a skincare range that is indulgent, ethical and effective.

INIKA Organic - Born out of a need to detox makeup kits everywhere and with a dream of a chemical-free world, INIKA Organic is the world’s healthiest and most naturally beautiful makeup brand. Using the highest certified ingredients and the strictest processes, INIKA Organic products are certified organic, certified vegan, certified cruelty-free, certified halal and 100 per cent non-toxic. Leading experts in all-natural ingredients, INIKA Organic holds itself to the highest possible standard for ingredient selection and are steadfast in its promise to deliver pure, healthy products to its consumers around the world.

Ipsum - The culmination of 25 years of learning, understanding and writing about the best in beauty in the U.K. and in Australia, Ipsum products were created with the knowledge, belief and devotion in the unique and effective power of pure plant oils. Ipsum’s aim is to help you achieve your best skin ever, with its luxurious, delicately-balanced oil blends. The brand uses only the highest quality, sustainably sourced, pure and organic oils which are carefully extracted from plants grown in their natural habitat, including sunshine-soaked Australia, to ensure the integrity of the benefits to your skin. Its oils are blended and bottled in the clean, verdant and very beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay, under strict COSMOS regulations so you can be assured Ipsum are mindful of the integrity of the environment.

Jbronze - Proudly Australian made and owned since its inception, Jbronze is 100 per cent vegan-friendly and free of parabens and palm oil. The formulae contain naturally derived DHA and are not tested on animals to ensure each tan is guilt-free. Boasting in nourishing and hydrating properties, Jen and the Jbronze team packed the formulations with shea butter, macadamia oil, coconut oil and argan oil to ensure a streak-free, natural looking tan that doesn’t dry skin.

Natio - Natio is a pure, natural, plant-based skincare, bodycare, haircare and cosmetic range that combines the finest natural ingredients with 100 per cent pure essential oil blends. The result is an easy-going beauty regime for all skin types, offering healthier, more radiant skin. The Natio range is affordable, natural and real, reflecting the Australian spirit and lifestyle. The skincare products offer sound protection from the harsh Australian climate and environment, and the colour range reflects the open and unpretentious style of native Australia.

Novellus - Located in Melbourne but produced in Byron Bay, founder and director, Beatriz Durango felt it was imperative to source the highest quality, most effective ingredients to develop products for today's modern woman. All of the brand’s products are of natural origin and contain native Australian active ingredients as well as plant stem cells with no fillers or fragrances. This ecoluxury brand is attempting to bridge the gap between the green beauty industry and fashion industry by producing noticeable results with natural skin care which can be eloquently placed on any vanity or in any handbag. 

QV Face - The QV Face range has been designed specifically to achieve a healthy and radiant glow on dry and sensitive skin, protecting and revitalising. Offering a complete cleansing and moisturising regime for the delicate skin of the face, the range of soap free cleansers and highly effective moisturizers are pH balanced and dermatologically tested. None of the products contain potential irritants such as colour, fragrance, lanolin or propylene glycol.

QV Baby - Part of the Australian made and owned Ego Pharmaceuticals brand, QV Baby is a paediatrician-recommended range of gentle and hydrating cleansers and moisturisers specially designed for baby skin. QV Baby is free from colour, fragrance and other common irritants.

QV Skincare - QV Skincare features a range of skincare, body care, foot care, kids care and baby appropriate products. The range covers skin cleansing and moisturising products that nurture the skin whilst avoiding known irritants such as soap, fragrance, colour and propylene glycol. No longer just for skin conditions, QV is being enjoyed by savvy individuals who want simply the best for their skin. Each formulation has been pH balanced and dermatologically tested to ensure it leaves normal, dry and sensitive skin feeling soft and silky smooth every day.

Raww - Raww is the only superfood infused, Australian made and owned cosmetics and skincare brand. It believes that every super babe should treat their skin to the power of natural superfoods, which is why all of its products are infused with natural coconut water and antioxidants from a collection of powerful local berries. The brand's promise to you, is to always deliver products that are natural and certified cruelty-free, so we can all look good wearing guilt-free makeup.

Saya Skin - Saya Skincare offers a diverse range of pure plant based vegan friendly skincare, from facial cleansers, moisturisers, serums, body cleansers, lotions and scrubs at an affordable price. Saya believes everyone should be able to have natural, beautiful skincare to use every day. The fragrances are unique and encapsulate Australia combining unique essential oil blends and extracts from lemon myrtle, desert lime, Kakadu plum, Illawarra flame tree and much more. Its products are free of sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, parabens, edta, triethanolamine and synthetic colours. The key features in the products are the pure plant certified organic and all natural formulations focusing on the powerhouse ingredients of Australian native botanicals as well as the unique natural botanicals and essential oils. These natural ingredients are the key to Saya Skincare products that promote beautifully soft, smooth and luminous skin. Created on the shores of Noosa, Saya respects the beautiful environment, stand firmly against animal testing and create purely plant based organic skincare.

Silver Bullet - Curls, waves and straight hair have never been so fast and easy, with a Silver Bullet tool to suit every curl, wave, hair type and hair style. Select from jumbo curling irons, titanium and ceramic curling irons, triple barrel curling irons, conical curlers, hot rollers, ceramic and titanium hair straighteners and ionic hair dryers. Silver bullet supreme speed and professional performance is second to none.

SunSense - With over 30 years of research, SunSense creates sunscreens for real Australian conditions and real Australian lifestyles. Developed to suit all skin types, SunSense provides the highest SPF available in Australia with broad spectrum UVA / UVB protection and the highest quality ingredients.

Synergie Skin - Synergie Skin is an Australian made and owned cosmeceutical company dedicated to the long-term health and vitality of your skin. Harnessing the power of clean science, it produces ethical and effective products enabling you to feel confident in your skin at every age. Formulated by biological scientist and cosmetic chemist, Terri Vinson, Synergie products are scientifically sourced, clinically effective and free of questionable ingredients. The Synergie head office is based in Melbourne and is unique in the way it is 100 per cent vertically integrated. All products are tested in the laboratory, manufactured, packaged, labelled and dispatched all under the one roof. This means that you will receive the highest quality product that Australia can produce. The Synergie range is supported by clinical data, is simple to use and most importantly, it makes a visible difference to the skin.

TANNED - TANNED is a safe, sunless self-tanning range. The brand knows that people love to feel good about themselves and people love to feel happy in their own skin and it knows that people can worry that their self-confidence will be mistaken as vanity, which should never be the case. With all things considered, people want to be included and that is what TANNED is here to do. TANNED is an Australian, unisex self-tanning range. Its range is as natural as it can be and still works, packed with nutrients and is designed to enhance your tanned self. 

Ultraceuticals - Australian made and owned, Ultraceuticals is a cosmeceutical and multi-active skincare range for use and recommendation by medical and skincare professionals. Ultraceuticals was created by Dr Geoffrey Heber, an accredited cosmetic physician that has specialised in non-surgical cosmetic medicine since 1988.

Uspa - Uspa offers a range of rituals, treatments and products that nurture the body and soul. The brand uses an optimal combination of herbal and scientific technology, for effective results. The skin, body and hair care products are enriched with naturally active botanical ingredients, and free of nasties. The brand is proudly Australian made. 

ViraproX - Part of the Ego Pharmaceuticals portfolio, ViraproX is a lip balm designed to target cold sores. ViraproX Lip Balm is a lip balm designed to target common triggers of cold sores such as dry lips, sunburn, stress and fatigue. The balm is formulated with petrolatum, glycerine, caprylic triglyceride and cocoa seed butter to keep lips hydrated and soft. The balm has SPF 30 UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection to minimise sun damage which can trigger cold sores. 

Waxaway - This professional quality, at-home depilatory range was started over 25 years ago by Lilliane Caron, professional beauty therapist and owner of Caronlab Australia, Australia's number one professional wax manufacturer. Waxaway offers a complete range of salon quality, easy-to-use hair removal products for a perfect hair free finish at home.