Aussie beauty journalist launches skincare product

Julia Teen, Sydney-based ex-Grazia Magazine and freelance beauty journalist, has recently developed an all-Australian skincare product – the Crystal Multimasking Trio.

The product features three masks, each targeting a different skin concern and using native Australian gemstones. The Aussie Opal helps to purify and reduce blackheads, Australian jade (chrysoprase) boosts hydration, and glistening sapphire tones and brightens up the skin.

The product is being developed together with crowd-sourced beauty company Volition Beauty, but it needs to be voted on by the community before it can go into production and live on shelf at Mecca. 

Volition Beauty is an innovative beauty brand out of San Francisco that’s all about asking the beauty consumer what products they want to see created – not the other way around. Anyone can submit their idea for a beauty product, and if it meets the minimum vote count, the brand will create the product. Volition has recently expanded into Australia and has partnered with Mecca to distribute their products.

Teen boasts a wealth of experience in the beauty industry, having spent the last seven years working in Los Angeles in a beauty tech role.
“I have over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry overall, and love to seek out new innovative ideas in the space,” she told BD. “I wanted to create a product that worked on all my skin issues at once, but with a distinctly Australian feel.”

To vote for the Crystal Multimasking Trio and help Teen bring it into production, visit her Volition Beauty campaign page.