Over 100 Black and Indigenous-owned beauty brands you can support

In the wake of the global Black Lives Matter protests, the beauty industry has been called to action much-needed changes.

From media platforms announcing new commitments, such as Gritty Pretty's pledge to feature 50 per cent women of colour, and Centennial Beauty offering free advertising slots for BIPOC-owned companies, to brands being challenged to #PullUpOrShutUp for diversity in employment and leadership roles, the impact has been significant. 

Another way the beauty industry can move towards inclusivity is supporting Black and Indigenous-owned beauty brands, today and always.

After beauty and lifestyle blogger, Lily Shen of Lily Not Louise, was searching for brands to support and wondering whether they ship to Australia, she saw a gap and decided to take action. Shen has now created a list of over 100 Black and Indigenous-owned beauty brands.

"My husband started to have conversations with me about the longstanding issue of systematic racism, why it is crucial to have BIPOC recognition and representation and the importance of fighting for an Indigenous treaty in Australia," Shen told BD.

"I went into a thread and saw several people asking if certain Black and Indigenous-owned companies would ship internationally because they wanted to support them by making a purchase. I saw a gap and realised how I was able to make myself useful."

The list includes Australian-based brands, as well as those overseas, and shipping details have been included for each.

"The brands are based all over the world, with a large percentage of the brands either family owned or a one woman/man show. Some ship nationally within Australia and others ship within the U.S. with a vision expand to international shipping in the future."

Shen said details have been compiled through Google, with a lot of the brands also extracted from Instagram, hashtags and information shared in Reddit threads.

"I transcribed over two pages of Black and Indigenous-owned brands and went on each brand’s website to verify information and extract shipping policies. Some of the brands didn’t have a section for shipping arrangements, so my husband and I would put an item into the cart to determine where in the world they are able to ship to."

The resource has been put together in the hopes of spreading growth and recognition for diverse brands within the beauty industry.

"This type of growth may trigger concurrent changes and create opportunities within larger organisations to support Black and Indigenous representations – where ideas will be heard, experiences to be enriched, conversations to be deepen, visions to be brought to life and decision-making to be collaborative," explained Shen.

If you are looking to support local Indigenous beauty companies, Shen has recommended to have the below on your radar:

Mira’s Hand - Mira’s Hand is a range of Moroccan beauty products used for your daily regimen or for the once weekly hammam ritual.  We are Australian based, but with roots in Morocco.

Indigiearth - Indigiearth products, from the desert to the sea, are the ultimate way to experience the wonderful world of Australian native ingredients.

Bush Balm® - Indigenous Australians have used native plants to treat common ailments and illnesses for thousands of years. Their traditional knowledge inspires the Bush Balm® products, which are made from wild harvested medicinal plants expertly collected on Aboriginal Lands in Central Australia. 

Earth Blended - Earth Blended is predominately an essential oil business, blending and selling essential oils to assist with wellbeing. Founded by a strong Gumbaynggirr Nyami (woman) and Miimi (mother) of three boys.

Juddarnje - Juddarnje's journey started with a batch of original handmade soap, and has since expanded to include creams, lotions and balms, all created with the same philosophy - 'keep it natural'. 

Dilkara - Dilkara Australia ingredients are sourced from specific raw material suppliers that support local Indigenous harvesting techniques.

Kakadu Tiny Tots - Kakadu Tiny Tots offers the most unique and traditional Indigenous clothing, soaps, candles and skincare. The range of Australian baby gifts are designed by the traditional owners of Kakadu National Park.

For further information and to view the list in its entirety, click here.