Ex-DOLLY staffers launch new magazine

A new online lifestyle magazine is here, and it's brought to you by some familiar faces.

Former DOLLY alumni have joined forces once again, launching Tonic, a lifestyle platform aimed at women aged over 45.

"We met in the early ’90s at DOLLY magazine, where we earned the trust of our readers by telling it as it was. Add 30 years, and we now have a lot more to share," Tonic shared on its site.

"Between us, we have buried parents and had children, explored all kinds of relationships, hit personal highs, run away, launched businesses, gone back to basics, loved, lost and experienced the consequences."

The publication will cover self, culture, style, health, and money content, with Ute Junker at the helm as editor and Lou Fay as creative director.

Other members of the editorial team include: Marina Go, Patricia Sheahan, Megan Morton, Aileen Marr, Carlotta Moye, Theo Chapman and Rachelle Unreich. 

"We have launched Tonic as a lighthouse where like-minded women can find information, inspiration and conversation. Just as we did at DOLLY, we base our approach on inclusiveness and mutual support – only this time, we are older, wiser and better."

"We are Generation Visible, the women over 45 who refuse to fade away and who call it as they see it. We believe women should feel honoured, valued and recognised. Please join us as we tackle mid-life with honesty, humility and hilarity."

Get in touch with the team at: thetonicmagazine@gmail.com

Check out Tonic here and on Instagram and Facebook