Australian beauty media icon returns to Sydney

After an enviable 5-year sabbatical in LA, Mary Zavaglia – former beauty editor at Woman’s Day for over 10 years and much-loved by all beauty PRs and marketers for her knowledge, professionalism and passion for beauty – is returning to Sydney to start her next beauty venture.

Zavaglia left her long-tenure as beauty editor of Australia’s top-selling magazine to chaperone her daughter, actor Claudia Doumit, who is now an award-winning actress on the popular AMAZON series The BOY’S. 

While in LA, Zavaglia's experience as a makeup artist and beauty editor offered the opportunity to work in different areas of the beauty and wellness industry and ultimately to carve a niche in the US as consultant in redevelopment and repositioning luxury spas and wellness centres around the world.

“Seeing Australia through the eyes of the rest of the world, especially after the pandemic, gives me confidence in the opportunities for spa businesses and beauty brands in Australia”, said Zavaglia. 

“The world is looking to Australia with great admiration for its clean air and eco-aware environment. Australia is recognised and respected for having a natural and healthy approach to beauty – with some great and unique brands - and I see lots of opportunities for movement and growth, especially when international tourism recommences”.

Zavaglia has also launched – an online, eco-conscious lifestyle destination that focusses on beauty, wellness and fashion – and already has a significant following in the US. 

With more local content planned, she will be sharing and elevating the best of Australian talent and our unique, efficacious beauty brands with the rest of the world (as well as here in our own backyards).

Zavaglia will be in Sydney (and out of quarantine) in April and can be contacted for more information about her spa consultancy and on: