Elle Macpherson unveils first skincare line

Elle Macpherson’s wellness-oriented beauty brand, WelleCo, is excited to announce it is expanding its existing range with a brand new skincare collection.

The Native Australian Bush Flower Remedies line has launched in Australia today, with the entire range being available for purchase exclusively on WelleCo.com.au.

The collection takes a holistic approach to skincare, and is described as “helping to provide nourishment for both the skin and spirit.” Harnessing the healing power of Australian bush flowers and botanical extracts, the products are designed to leave the body feeling revitalised and nurtured, with the mind cleared and balanced. 

“I truly believe in the importance of balancing inner and outer beauty and wellness,” Elle Macpherson said. “A carefully considered combination of ingredients, these products were specifically formulated using traditional Australian bush flower remedies to help promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. When native flower essence is used to re-balance the body, true wonders of our being emerge.”

The products are available in three sets: Bush Flower Remedies, Glowing Skin & Hair Remedies, and Balancing Body Remedies.