Lancôme reveals global sustainability program

French luxury beauty house, L’Oréal-owned Lancôme, is launching its first global sustainability project, according to an article by WWD.

Called ‘Caring Together for a Happier Tomorrow,’ the program is set to emphasise biodiversity and social inclusion. It is built on three pillars – protecting biodiversity, helping people to consume sustainably, and empowering women – to span all elements of a Lancôme product’s lifecycle.

“Lancôme is a brand that has long had a ‘caring’ facet,' Lancôme global president, Françoise Lehmann, told WWD. “It has always been very close to women and their concerns. Care and happiness are in the DNA of the brand.”

The new program comes at a time of major environmental and societal upheaval, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lehmann noted an increase in consumers’ focus on sustainability around the world, especially in Asia, where the trend has taken off very quickly.

“What inspired us a lot for this worldwide operation was the acquisition of the domain in Grasse,” Lehmann said, speaking of the estate growing Centifolia roses and other aromatic plants in the South of France that the brand purchased in 2020. “The more we dig into this domain, the more we find great things and inspiration for other initiatives. It has all what we have in mind in terms of best practices.”

Lancôme has long been a sustainability-focused brand. In fact, 99% of the roses used in the brand’s makeup and skincare products are organic (a figure that should reach 100% by 2025).

That same year, 70% of products are set to be renewable or made from abundant sources, with the use of recycled glass also expected to reach 30% of the total. All major raw materials and plastics used by Lancôme will come from recycled or bio-based sources by 2030.

To find out more about Caring Together for a Happier Tomorrow, click here.

Image source: WWD