Social media phenom teams up with Morphe

Dancer, actress, author, and social media phenom, Maddie Ziegler, is a multi-talented mega star, and she is now taking her makeup obsession into a partnership with Morphe.

"I’ve always been obsessed with Morphe so when the opportunity came up for me to work with them I jumped at it," Ziegler told BD. "I loved how collaborative the team was and how involved they allowed me to be. I even drew the imprints in each of the colours on the palette."

The Imagination Collection, which hits counters June 25, is a creative wonderland of colour with blushing bronzes and butterfly brights. 

"We named it the Imagination Palette because we were loving the large range of colours. And what I realised was that everyone was really going to be able to use the palette to the fullest of their imagination," said Ziegler. "To me, that was one of the most exciting moments of creating the palette."

The collection includes The Imagination Palette Artistry Palette, $36.00; Dew Bomb Face Gloss Stick, $18.00; and Lip & Cheek Kits, $26.00.

"It was really important for me to have some multi-use products. Especially as a dancer, having products that can be used in more than one way were so beneficial," said Ziegler.

Image source: Supplied by brand.