Team BD shares their working from home beauty essentials

As the majority of Australia has been in and out of lockdown lately, we find ourselves WFH more frequently.

If you're struggling with productivity or setting up your working space, we recently spoke with business coach, Carly Taber, about such situations. 

Taber shared her top tips, here, to make WFH life that much more successful. And spoiler, tip number six is all about integrating fun into your day.

And what's more fun than beauty products? If you ask the team here at BD, we'd tell you nothing is! So because of that, we decided to share the must-haves gracing our home offices, getting us through the day this lockdown.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant - Aja

Working from home, in winter, means my skin needs protecting from the dry air I can thank my heater for, and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is always within arm's length on my desk. ​It helps to soothe, restore, soften and protect chapped, dry and irritated skin.

I would be lost without this essential all year round, but especially during lockdown.

Circa Home Kitchen Alchemy™ White Tea & Wild Mint Classic Candle - Tam

There is nothing better than working from home in a tidy house, with a pretty candle on the bench.

The Wild Tea & Wild Mint candle fills the air with an amazingly light and fresh fragrance to keep me refreshed.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks - Deb

I’m usually not a mask person because I’m a perpetually late person, but in lockdown I have a spare 10-15 mins to actually put this eye mask on and it feels like such a self-care treat.

This eye mask is super gentle and goes on easily. Love the little plastic scoop thing it comes with so I don’t touch all the eye masks to get one, which is nice and COVID-safe.

It feels cooling and refreshing, and my under eye area is immediately hydrated when I remove the mask at the end of the 10-15 minutes.

OPI Nail & Cuticle Oil and Infinite Shine Gloss Top and Base Coat - Sam M

Seeing as I couldn’t get to the salon to remove my gel nails, I had to do a DIY job which left my nails a little sad, dry and rough.

The cuticle oil revived their health so much in a little amount of time, and because I was working from home I could reapply it every time I washed my hands.

Once they were looking 10 times better, I used the Infinite Shine Base Coat and Top Coat to paint them again and it has made such a difference with the longevity of the polish! No chips yet and we’re five days in (and many dishes washed!).

LUMISKIN™ Kasi Thermal Care Silicone Cleansing Device - Sam T

Unable to venture out for my usual in salon facials I have been using the Lumiskin Kasi for an at-home pampering experience. This device works a treat to gently cleanse and massage my face.

This easy to use device offers a few minutes of relaxation in the midst of such an uncertain time and helps keep that pesky maskne at bay.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - Caitlin

My favourite product getting me through lockdown is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask that I lather on three times a week.

Since I have more time to focus on my skin, this product keeps me looking fresh and rejuvenated which is the TLC I need.

Glasshouse Fragrances Candles - Rachel

My collection of Glasshouse Fragrances candles have been so essential in keeping me relaxed and grounded during lockdown. Not only do they look beautiful around the house, lighting them, especially in the morning, has been a ritual: coffee and candle.

Reaching for the particular candle that I am needing in the moment, the scent of each of the candles just instantly lifts my mood and transforms my space into a serene sanctuary. A sense of calm amongst the chaos.

LUSH Ocean Salt Self Preserving Scrub - Tiarne

This super gentle scrub is great on my sensitive skin (most scrubs usually leave me red and itchy!) and it has helped get rid of roughness. It also smells so nice and is very moisturising.

Manicare NOVA FIT™ - Eleni

I have noticed I clench my jaw, particularly when wearing a mask (why? I don’t know) and along with all the stress going on I find myself clenching at night. So this works well to relieve some serious tension in my jaw.

I even used it on my hand the other day because I had a bit of pain. So all round, this is a little TLC handy device!

Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Hydrating Sleeping Mask - Issy D

This sleeping mask moisturises, soothes and detoxifies dehydrated skin. Its innovative complex provides intense 24-hour long-lasting hydration and restores the skin's natural hydration barrier while sleeping for fresh and rejuvenating skin in the morning.