The new brand collab streamlining our beauty routines

Often, upon opening our beauty cabinets, we are met with an unending sea of clutter, that most of the time is too hard to handle. And if we take a closer look at the range of products we have, we find that hardly any of them have been used completely.

This is why beauty brand, Palmer’s, believes it’s clear that we are all after a simple beauty routine and formula that works for our skin, but our cluttered space can make achieving this more complicated than it has to be.

According to a new survey conducted by Palmer’s, the average Aussie female consumer is currently using 16 different face, skin, hair and beauty products. And 55% of these consumers are trialing new beauty products as they haven’t found the formula that works for their skin.

The survey also revealed that, on average, Aussie females have over a whopping $300 worth of face, skin, hair, and beauty products in their bathroom cabinets. In addition, data shows that 81% of women agree their life would be made easier if they could find a formula that works for their face, skin, hair, and beauty needs. And 83% of women wish there was one brand that could be relied on to meet these needs.

But despite this and the fact that 92% of consumers think that a product’s ingredients and what it can do is more important than packaging, 43% admit they have purchased products in the past simply because they liked the way they looked. This further indicates that many consumers fall trap to purchasing products that don’t work for them.

To help Aussies streamline their beauty routine, Palmer’s has enlisted the help of de-cluttering expert Anita Birges, aka Mise en Place, to provide her top three tips on how to cut through the clutter and re-organise the chaos.

1. Check the date

Like food, beauty products don’t last forever, and therefore it's vital to keep track of when you open new products and when to throw them out. Most products should have a number and letter etched or stamped into the packaging to indicate how long you can use it for.

2. Don’t hoard free samples

Free product samples are one of the biggest culprits for clutter. We gather them up in hotels or from magazines, or simply walking through the big department stores, but never get around to using them.

A lot of people have the belief that it's wasteful to throw them away and that some day they might use those little toothpaste and hand cream samples. The truth and probability are, you won't, and they are sitting in a pile, gathering dust in your bathroom.

3. Donate products to a good cause

One of the reasons it's hard to declutter cosmetics is that we don't know what to do with them. After all, it seems wasteful chucking a used-once palette in the bin, but most charity shops won't accept makeup or toiletries, especially if they're not sealed.

However, other places will make great use of your products. Women's and homeless shelters will often take unsealed products, as long as they are in good condition. Do a little research in your local area or online and I’m sure there is a place that needs them. 

In a climate where us Aussies are clearly desperate to streamline their beauty routines Palmer’s wants to encourage Aussies to embrace going back to basics. They want to show consumers there is a way to de-clutter the beauty mess and focus instead on simplifying and streamlining their routine with the products that will actually work for their skin.