Former InStyle editor and beauty PR director team up for new offering

Former InStyle editor, Alex Noonan, and beauty PR powerhouse, Sarah Humphries, have teamed up to create The Review Works - a new Aussie destination for reviews of the products you want to buy.

The socially-led platform has been created to celebrate the customer, with retail-level attention to detail and customer service. While for brands, it gives them the opportunity to get products into the hands real-life category experts.

“In our personal lives Sarah and I are always being asked what’s the best serum or is this product worth it – and in our professional lives we have clients constantly looking at ways to secure honest reviews, without the rigid, high-cost editorial model,” said co-founder, Alex Noonan.

“We realised there was an opportunity to offer a platform that celebrated the customer through the experience and social conversations. Giving them an opportunity to come together, to share their thoughts, loves, likes and dislikes on the products they are currently using. And an opportunity for brands to secure honest reviews they strive for, as well as strategic ways to amplify them.”

With a combined 30-years of experience in the beauty industry, it made sense for the first category to launch to be The Beauty Works. However, the team has big plans to quickly expand, with The Health Works and The Baby Works planned to roll out in 2021.

“We haven’t limited ourselves to just beauty. As mums and working professionals, we’ve realised we spend a lot of time Googling reviews for children’s items and the latest health and wellness trends, so we intend to incorporate these categories in 2021," added co-founder Sarah Humphries.