Exciting changes at MAXCONNECTORS

Leading talent agency, MAXCONNECTORS, is committed to the growing influencer sector and has invested in a new analytics and reporting platform to extend its premium offering to clients and brand partners.

With the industry investing more money into influencer partnerships as part of annual marketing plans, it was important for MAXCONNECTORS to take the lead in a platform that shares visibility for clients offering a sophisticated approach to analytics and ROI.

“We are excited about the future of the influencer industry which has experienced tremendous growth during what has been a challenging time for many businesses”, said MAXCONNECTORS CEO and founder of, Lynette Phillips.

"The launch of a robust analytics platform reflects the evolution of the data-led influencer industry where greater visibility is now a pre-requisite for all influencer campaigns.”

The comprehensive analytics platform has been developed by MAXCONNECTORS in conjunction with a global data company to create a bespoke reporting and data-led program to ensure more strategic, stronger, results-driven campaigns.

The platform will ensure that the talent are not only ‘on brand’ but also meet the specific client objectives and needs throughout every phase of the brand partnership.

“Our launch has been a year in the making and we are delighted to be able to share full visibility of our influencers, both pre- and post-campaign”, said group talent director, Jill Birmingham.

“The new platform provides our brand partners and clients with in-depth audience data, content analytics, and comprehensive post-campaign reports, ensuring our client servicing continues to place MAXCONNECTORS ahead of the curve and a leader in the market”.

For further information, please contact: Jill Birmingham, group talent director: jill@maxconnectors.com.au.

And for publicity opportunities, please contact: Ingrid Lovett, communications director: ilovett@maxmedialab.com.au

Image source: facebook.com/MAXCONNECTORS.