Sundae Body launches into retail juggernaut Walmart

Sundae Body has recently launched into the biggest retailer in the US, and we’ve got the inside scoop on what’s next for this dessert inspired body care brand.

BD spoke with brand founder, Lizzie Waley about the exciting new undertaking and what this means for the future of Sundae Body.

Congratulations on the Sundae Body US launch! How does it feel expanding the brand internationally?

Thank you so much! To be honest it feels really surreal! We're really excited to have the opportunity to grow our brand in such a dynamic market.

We've seen incredible success for Sundae Body in both the Australian and UK markets, so when we were approached by Walmart to launch into 1800 stores, we jumped at the opportunity to shake up shower routines across the US!

American consumers are known for embracing new ideas and are often early adopters of emerging trends, so much innovation comes out of the US which very much aligns with our brand. We're really excited to have the opportunity to grow our brand in such a dynamic market with the biggest retailer in the world.

You’ve launched in Walmart, how did that come about? What makes them the right fit for Sundae Body?

When it comes to working with retail partners, Walmart was one of the first partners we had hoped to work with. Walmart offers a huge amount of reach and visibility – they are, after all, the biggest retailer in the world,which can really be a game-changer for a growing brand.

When we were approached to be part of their coveted Walmart Start Program, we jumped at the opportunity as with this, comes incredible opportunities to gain access to various resources that really help to set us up for success.

It’s been a dream come true to have them believe and support our brand. The visibility and reach they have in the US means Sundae’s projected brand awareness and growth are looking boundless, as we’ve seen from last year's program alumni.

The brand has grown from strength to strength – what do you think are the main contributing factors for the growth and success?

Our entire purpose is to create a joyful experience for our customers. Many personal care companies out there exist to fulfill a need, we exist to ignite joy. We were really clear on this purpose early on, which has really allowed us to connect with our customers and set us apart from our competitors.

Nailing down our ‘why’ early on has been our north star, it guides our decision-making and gives meaning to our brand which has enabled us to create long-lasting connections with our customers.

As a business owner, what excites you about the US market?​

So much innovation comes out of the US which very much aligns with our brand. Culturally, Americans have such a significant influence globally, so entering the American market is a huge opportunity for our brand to gain exposure on a global scale.

We are so grateful for all the support we have received so far and can not wait to expand and offer our products to a wider audience.

What advice would you share for other Aussie brands wanting to expand globally?

Understanding your market before expanding is something I’d always recommend as you’ll be able to understand the cultural, economic, and regulatory differences that may impact your business.

Continue to believe in your brand identity and stick with it, authenticity is everything and people resonate with this.

What’s next for Sundae Body from here?

We want to be the most loved and frequently used body care brand, so we’re really focused on expanding our footprint globally.

We are now in over 4,500 doors across Australia, NZ, UK and now the USA, so we want to keep the momentum going – we have some exciting opportunities in the USA that we are working on for this year so stay tuned because there is so much more to come!

Sunday Body is available to shop via and Priceline in Australia.

Image credit: Sundae Body