What to do if you're bad with names

The beauty industry is notoriously social, with coffees, lunches and events taking place on a daily basis. Time is key when it comes to becoming familiar with everyone, but if you're someone who has trouble putting a name to a face, don't panic. You're not alone. 

According to a 2017 study, many people have a hard time remembering names because it's a relatively arbitrary thing to recall. Because a name doesn't describe a person, it makes it harder to remember.

According to an article by Refinery29, there are a number of tricks to help you remember a name. 

Firstly, repeat the person's name after you hear it. If you still can't remember, try linking a person's name to something. "...in trying to make sure you don't forget your new co-worker's name on the first day, you might try to associate it with other details about them, like the way they walk and talk, or that they have the same name as someone you know," the article reads. 

Memory expert research proves that if you can get as much information associated with the name as possible, you associate that information with that name. If all else fails however, just ask, they say!