Kim Kardashian West's latest collab

Following fragrance collabs with the likes of her mother and famous sisters, Kim Kardashian West has now turned to her longtime friend and celeb florist, Jeff Leatham, for her latest release.

The launch marks her eighth perfume collection as part of the KKW Beauty brand, which is a trio of fragrances in bottles that double as vases and hold a small amount of water at the tip.

Kardashian-West told WWD that she has known Leatham for over 10 years, and every time they work together it feels like ‘magic.’

“Previously, I’d only developed fragrances with my mum and my sisters, and between Jeff’s incredible vision for what’s aesthetically beautiful, and the scent work that he manifests when working with florals, I knew we’d create something meaningful,” she said.

“I’ve always collected fragrance bottles, so imagining something that could live on as a bud vase was very interesting to us and bringing that connection back to the florals. We developed the scents as unisex fragrances that can be worn throughout the day based on your mood to create a calming, intoxicating and sensual vibe.”

Leatham added, “It was so important to Kim and myself to create something that people have never seen before. We really just wanted to create something that mimicked the simple, clean, iconic chic look of what Kim and I both love... we really wanted to create a bottle that looked like a piece of art.”

The two met in Paris, where Leatham currently works as artistic director of the Four Seasons George V. He has been travelling between Paris and LA for years and is the talent behind the unique floral arrangements seen at many of the Kardashian-Jenner extravagant soirees.

After Kardashian-West approached him to collaborate and after much back and forth, the two eventually settled on three scents: Desert Rose, Jasmine Air and Night Iris.

“They’re a family of fragrances but all different children,” Leatham said, describing Desert Rose as “light and creamy” and the other two as “fresh and green” and “dark, sexy and mischievous,” respectively.

The fragrances will be available starting April 23 at