One Direction sends Alpha-H’s Twitter into a spin

The Alpha-H team had a pleasant surprise waiting for them when they returned to work yesterday after the long weekend - One Direction’s Niall Horan had posted a tweet about the brand on Sunday.

Horan wrote: Thank you @AlphaHQ for all the new stuff! I’ve tried every skin product as a teenager, and Alpha-H is the only one that works! Seriously.”

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Alpha-H director Michelle Doherty says her team was inundated by emails and social media buzz following the tweet.

Our Twitter account received over two thousand new followers in less than 24-hours, as well as our website statistics and online orders taking a huge jump,” says Doherty.

This is the second time in the space of a year Niall has declared his love of Alpha-H products via Twitter, and we feel truly humbled that one of the music world’s biggest celebrities is supporting a small, results driven Aussie brand – not because he’s being paid to do so but because it actually works! The results speak for themselves.”