Everything you need to know about That Beauty Podcast

Introducing, That Beauty Podcast, the latest beauty podcast coming to your ears, and it's dropping oh so soon. Like, June 25 soon.

The faces behind the mics might be familiar to you, too. Hosted by industry seasoned veterans, Carli Alman (previously BEAUTYcrew editor) and Bettina Tyrrell (previously InStyle Australia editor), the two ladies have joined forces, once again, to share their undoubted years of beauty experience and knowledge with the public.

BD spoke with Alman to spill everything you need to know about the exciting new venture.

Congratulations on the announcement of That Beauty Podcast! Can you tell us what​ it's all about and the team behind the mic?

Thank you so much! We’re so excited about the launch and that we can keep doing what we love. As the name heavily suggests, That Beauty Podcast is a podcast all about beauty. It’ll be a mix of product reviews, education, expert commentary, and talking about what’s new and trending in the beauty world. 

That Beauty Podcast will be hosted by me and Bettina Tyrrell. Between the two of us, we have almost 15 years experience in the beauty industry.  

In exciting news, we’ve signed on with ARN and have joined the iHeartPodcast Australian network, so you also might hear our voices on the radio every now and then. We’ll also be working with them as our commercial agent.

When will the first episode be airing?

Our first episode will be out in the universe on June 25, and will be available literally anywhere you can listen to a podcast.

What can listeners expect from the show?

A lot of beauty talk! Our first season will see us chatting to some of the industry’s best and most trusted experts - both local and global.

When we launched our first beauty podcast, Get Lippy, it didn’t take very long to realise that listeners love a mix of expert knowledge, product reviews, education, and being kept up-to-date with what’s new in the beauty world, and we’re hoping to deliver all of that in our weekly 30(ish)-minute episodes.

For anyone who tuned into Get Lippy, you can expect the same trusted voices, and the conversational, relaxed and fun (yet informative!) tone that we brought to that. We want our audience to feel like they’re tuning into a conversation between girlfriends. 

How often is it going to run and on what platforms?

We’re going to be releasing new episodes weekly, and each will run for about 30-or-so minutes (depends on how chatty we were during recording!). You’ll be able to tune in literally anywhere podcasts are available - including the usual suspects of Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Who is the That Beauty Podcast listener?

If she (or he!) is interested in beauty, they’ll love listening to That Beauty Podcast. 

You both have a long history working in the Australian beauty industry in both digital and print, what do you love about working in the podcast space?

Besides the fact that we both love to talk no matter the topic? To be honest, it feels like the best, most relevant place to be as a content creator.  More and more people are turning to podcasting for entertainment and  education, so, to us it just made sense.

We also unwittingly fell in love with the medium after starting Get Lippy in early 2019. You’re able to build a community and relationships with your listeners that you might not otherwise have been able to do with the written word. You can’t help but show who you are when someone listens to you weekly, and I think having that personal element really lends itself to building trust in your listener and reinforcing your authority. 

How can brands work with the podcast?

Editorially, we’d love to hear from beauty brands about new launches and any other beauty news they have that may be relevant for either our podcast or Instagram.

Commercially, as I mentioned, for 2020, we’ve partnered with ARN (the Australian Radio Network and iHeart Radio) as our agent for sponsored advertising and we’ve created launch packages and options for brands interested in working with us.

If brands are interested to hear more, they can reach out to us at thatbeautypodcast@gmail.com to find out about our special launch rates. 

Where else can people find you?

For the podcast itself, Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts, as well as any other podcast platform. We’re also on Instagram at @thatbeautypodcast  and we have a private Facebook group, That Beauty Podcast.

We can each also be found on our personal Instagram accounts:  @carlialman and @bettinatyrrell.