Instagram introduces @Creators hub to inspire brands and influencers

In an effort to maintain current engagement levels and keep pushing platform growth, Instagram has launched its latest initiative, the new @Creators Instagram account, which aims to build connections with, and educate, influencers and brands on content creation.

The account, which has already racked up over 64K followers in less than two weeks, will share tips, tricks and tutorials from platform experts. The page includes a FAQ section in its saved highlights, answering questions like “how do I get verified?” and “why won’t you go back to chronological feed?”

It will also be sharing official Instagram updates and data insights, helping brands and creators to have a better understanding of how they can maximise their Instagram presence and build their audience on the platform. 

Similarly, Pinterest has launched its new and free educational resource, Pinterest Academy, to help brands expand online potential.

Offering a range of courses and links to various tools and reference studies, Pinterest Academy aims to educate businesses on how to successfully reach the platform’s 300 million (and growing) users and how to tap into engaged online shoppers.

The first five Pinterest Academy courses, which cover essential elements of building your brand presence and utilising Pinterest for marketing and selling, are now available to businesses in Australia, U.S., Canada, U.K., France and Germany. An additional four courses will be added later this month.

Follow the new @Creators account on Instagram here and visit Pinterest Academy here