AAFW backstage report: bassike (winter)

bassike (winter) backstage report - Tuesday June 1, 2021


ghd leading creative artist, Mary Alamine

Redken hair director, Justin Pace


Australian heroes of minimalist design, bassike’s collection was all about effortless ease and elevated basics, with natural but polished hair on show. 

The pair co-created two hair looks that were slick, smooth and stylish, perfectly complimenting the collection and the bassike aesthetic.

"I absolutely loved collaborating on the Bassike show for Fashion Week. The hair was simplistic and beautiful which complimented the collection really well," said Alamine.

Pace added, "We are going really natural today for Bassike. We’ve created a few different hair looks, but the whole foundation is natural, sleek texture. We want the hair to be a part of the collection, not to overpower it. We are going for a lived in look, keeping the simplicity and beauty of natural, healthy hair."

GET THE LOOK - Sleek Ponytail:

PREP: Create a centre part in the hairline using the ghd Tail Comb.

DRY: Blow-dry the hair using the ghd Helios Hair Dryer directing the hair back and keeping the hair as flat as possible.

Carefully take 1-inch sections and straighten each section of the hair with the ghd Platinum + Styler, this straightener has ground-breaking ultra-zone technology that predicts the needs of your hair, so you get a flawless finish every time.

STYLE: Brush hair with the ghd Oval Dressing Brush and gather it at the nape area of the neck, gently tie with an elastic band. Once tied, wrap a small piece of hair to cover the elastic pin and set with the ghd Helios Hair Dryer.

GET THE LOOK - Lived in natural hair tucked behind the ears:

PREP: Comb hair into a centre part (using the ghd Tail Comb) and smooth out the hair using the ghd Helios Hair Dryer – The ghd Helios Hair Dryer gives 30% more shine and drastically faster styling.

Take 1-inch sections of the hair and flatten the root area with the ghd Ceramic Vented Radical Size 3 Brush.

DRY: Using the ghd Ceramic Vented Radical Size 3 Brush take 1-inch sections of the hair and flatten the root area.

STYLE: Using the ghd Detangling Comb, create more of a lived in look and then carefully tuck the hair behind the ear maintaining the centre part.

Lightly mist the hair with ghd Final Fix HairSpray which has a lightweight feel but keeps the style in place all day long.

GET THE LOOK - Redken:

1. To prep the hair, start with an application of Redken Shades EQ Gloss conditioning colour with Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo & Conditioner

2. Starting with clean, dry hair, apply a small amount of Redken Satinwear 04 using it as a nice, soft blow-dry lotion

3. Use a comb to brush all the hair back, finding the perfect centre part.

4. Using a GHD hair dryer and a round brush, smooth the hair out, flatten at the roots, keep the centre part and finish with natural ends.

5. If hair is being left out, rub fingers through it with some Redken Wax Blast on hands or a light shine product to add minimum texture. If the hair is going back into a ponytail, keep it low with slight softness, tight but also natural

6. To finish, use Redken Shine Flash at the root area to add natural shine, making sure not to spray too close to give a wet look.

7. Once models are dressed, go in and add small details to individualise the hair look - that is, in front of shoulders or behind shoulders, a tuck and so on.


- ghd Tail Comb
- ghd Helios Hair Dryer 
- ghd Platinum + Styler
- ghd Oval Dressing Brush
- ghd Ceramic Vented Radical Size 3 Brush
- ghd Detangling Comb
- ghd Final Fix HairSpray

- Redken Shades EQ Gloss conditioning colour
- Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo & Conditioner 
- Redken Satinwear 04
- Redken Wax Blast 10
- Redken Shine Flash 02