AAFW backstage report: Wella Professionals X aaizél

Wella Professionals X aaizél backstage report - Monday May 9, 2022

Melbourne-based thoughtful luxury brand aaizél debuted its Resort 23 collection, focusing on organic textures and celebrating diversity, at Sydney’s Carriageworks, on Monday May 9 2022, as part of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022.

The hair:

“The goal here is to enhance the natural beauty and diversity of the individual, creating effortless texture with Wella EIMI,” said Wella ANZ creative director, Kieren Street.

Get the look:

Step 1 - Layering products is key to creating a unique texture and an effortless finish. Break the surface tensions and prep the hair for layering of products with Wella EIMI Perfect Me.

Step 2 - To refresh and define curls, use Wella EIMI Nutri Curls Soft Twirl.

Step 3 - To create extra volume and enhance texture, liberally apply Wella EIMI Ocean Spritz to the roots and dry into the hair using a diffuser. Repeat until the desired texture is achieved.

Step 4  - Once texture is achieved, build up the shine with Wella EIMI Glam Mist. Apply liberally to hair and diffuse again. 

Step 5 - Layer Wella EIMI Glam Mist with Wella EIMI Ocean Spritz and keep diffusing until you achieve the desired volume and texture.

Step 6 - Spray Wella EIMI Dry Me into the root area for style support and using a thin curling wand for added definition to stay curls.

Step 7 - To finish, use your hands to shake out the style from the roots, and spray with Wella EIMI Dry Me and Wella EIMI Glam Mist until desired result is achieved.

You can find the Wella Professionals range and download hi-res product images, here.

Image credit: Supplied.