AFW 2024 backstage report: Albus Lumen

Sisley Paris and Ardell Professional x Albus Lumen backstage report – Monday May 13, 2024 

Sisley Paris made its Australian Fashion Week debut as skincare and make-up sponsor for Marina Afonina’s, Albus Lumen Resort 25 Runway show, with Ardell Professional as the lash sponsor.

"Young rebels on the runway, more youthful and completely different to what we’ve done in the past," said Marina Afonina.

"It was exciting to work with new textures as a brand so, we also didn’t want uniform looks for make-up to express each person’s individuality."

"The looks are very achievable and wearable with beautiful renewed skin as the focus."

The look – Sisley Paris

Skincare and make-up director for Sisley Paris x Albus Lumen, Isabella Schimid started off by applying her signature skin treatment to create a youthful, glowing base to all models using the star of the show - Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge Fresh Gel Cream.

The base was complemented by modern metallic eye looks, reminiscent of 90s grunge, channelling youth, power and new energy.

"We discussed the make-up being this 90s grunge, youthful look that had a lot of metallic in it," said Schimid.

"I loved that I could focus on the Sisley metallic eye-shadows to signify a rebirth of sorts."

"The skincare and make-up blend seamlessly on some looks, especially around the eyes and brow - so you don’t know where the skin and make-up start and ends - I loved playing with this, it gives the looks an overall, iridescent look."

Get the look – Hero metallic eye

Step 1. Skin Preparation

Schimid cleverly layered products to create a reawakened, glossed and dewy texture, the skin’s complexion was left looking youthful and supple. 

"To prepare the skin post-cleansing, drench the skin using a healthy spray of the Sisley Floral Spray Mist. As pores are open, the hydration from the mist spray will act as a conductor and primer for the skin to receive the products you apply following. This is what gives the skin texture an extra dewy finish," said Schimid.

Next, Schimid applies the Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge Fresh Gel Cream, which allows for a visual regeneration of the skin’s texture, melting into the skin, leaving a shine-free but hydrated finish.

"Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge eye and lip contour cream was applied with the Ridoki tool to depuff and define the area. It also gets the lymphatic system working, which assists in this process of brightening up the eye area."

Step 2. Complexion

"I like the Sisley Phyto-teint Perfection Foundation because it gives the skin a really natural finish. To create more luminosity, I used the Sisley Instant Eclat Instant Glow Primer concentrating on the outer areas of the cheek and outer brow area," said Schimid.

"Next, I go for Sisley Stylo Correct applied to the eye area and the top of the lid, to prepare for the base of the eye look, as well as around the nose and any blemishes."

"Next, I use Sisley Blur Expert, is the perfect finishing powder for the T-zone area – I want to keep the outside area of the face nice and glowing and highlighted. This will mean your eye will instantly go to those outer areas of the face, rather than the t-zone."

Step 3. Metallic Eye Focus

"I focused on creating a metallic, dramatic look for the eyes – the eye is the focus and feature on most of the models. I worked with the Sisley Les Phyto Ombres in Metallic Jean, Glow Silver, Silky French Blue and Metallic Khaki," shared Schimid.

"What I’m doing here is looking at the models’ eyes and choosing the best feature and highlighting this. For example, if it’s the inner-corner or the outer-eye, I will accentuate the shadow in these areas."

"This means it’s easy to take the look into the everyday, which is important to me. I wanted to have fun with a little bit of colour and give people the ability to be creative through these looks, but still make it wearable for every day. For some of the looks I’ve blended right into the temples and the outer face."

"Because we went for a dramatic eye, I wanted to keep the lips bare. I used the new Phyto-Lip Balm (launching May 19th, 2024) to add a little bit of gloss and hydration."

Additional beauty note: Purposely bare nails were given the nod from Albus Lumen designer Marina Afonina, favouring an "undone and minimal approach" to signify rebirth.

Marina opted to embrace products as multi-use, and as an opportunity to explore new-gen’s continual ability to apply creativity to how they present individuality.

A touch of shine was applied to the nail beds using Sisley Les Phyto Ombres in Glow Silver.

The look – Ardell Professional

A selection of both male and female models fluttered an editorial-style lash, featuring individual lashes placed at the centre of the lid for a unique look.

Following a colour palette of cream, chalk, tea dye, black, pale blue, navy, dusty pink, and green moss, lashes were dusted with eye shadows in silver, blue and white to complement each outfit. The shimmer tones in the lashes create dimension to capture the light through the pearlescent finish of the colours.

"To keep the look modern with an edge we are using the Ardell Naked Extension in the small size, taking the individual lashes and painting them silver and blue," shared Schimid.

"They are placed in the middle of the top of the eyes on the models, which will work with the overall colour theme and look of the show."

Products used:

Ardell Naked Trio Lash Extensions – RRP $24.99

You can find the Sisley Paris brand listing and download hi-res imagery, HERE

You can find the Ardell brand listing and download hi-res imagery, HERE.

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