Gigi Hadid's beauty influence just went up a notch

There's no shortage of Gigi Hadid-inspired beauty looks in the world. But the model's influence rose tenfold over the weekend when an entire runway show featured a hairstyle inspired solely by her.

Christian Sirano showed his Spring/Summer 2020 collection in New York on Saturday and the models wore a thick, clean braid remnant of a look Gigi posted on Instagram back in June.

Created by Odile Gilbert for TRESemmé and Dyson, the style saw a medium-high ponytail braided and pulled tightly back with lots of hairspray and blow-drying. Not a single flyaway in sight.

“[Christian] actually showed me a picture of Gigi,” Gilbert told WWD. “We love Gigi and Gigi has long hair — there was one picture of her, it’s really clean and just a braid — it’s very elegant, simple chic.”

“For me at the end, when I finish the hair I spray with hairspray and it’s a bit like cooking [I diffuse the hair]…no frizz, just to bring the shine,” Gilbert added.