Beauty 101: Back to school essentials

It’s that time of year when the little ones head back to school, and to help send them on their way, Beauty 101 is rounding up all the essentials. From preventing head lice and sunburn to improving oral health and overall wellbeing, these products will have children protected.

MOOV Head Lice Shampoo

This easy to use, effective head lice treatment is clinically proven, fast and easy to use. It contains natural essential oils and has a reusable shower cap included. Ensure to follow instructions carefully to effectively kill head lice and eggs.

Hamilton Toddler Roll-on Sunscreen

Hamilton Toddler Roll-on Sunscreen is a dry-touch formulation suitable for young delicate skin. It provides SPF 50+ very high protection sunscreen, UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, is four hours water resistant and fast absorbing, perfect everyday use and all outdoor activities.

Green People Organic Children Toothpaste Mandarin and Aloe Vera with Fluoride

This naturally fruity children’s toothpaste with fluoride is formulated with 84 per cent certified organic ingredients and contains organic mandarin, aloe vera, orange and myrrh. 1000ppm fluoride toothpaste especially formulated for babies and children. Removes plaque and reduces bacterial regrowth. 

Swisse Children’s Ultivite

This children’s multivitamin from Swisse contains 21 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs to support the nutritional needs of growing children. No added lactose, gluten, egg, artificial flavours or artificial colours. 

Weleda Arnica Pilules

Weleda Arnica Pilules assist in the repair and healing of bruised and sprained tissues and muscles caused by falls, knocks, sports injuries, exercise and surgery. Ideal for babies and young children, the formulation is alcohol-free and dissolves quickly in the mouth.

sebamed Children’s Shampoo

This 100 per cent soap and alkali-free shampoo contains especially mild wash active substances for gentle cleansing. With excellent skin tolerance, it makes the hair easy to comb and leaves hair fragrant and silky. sebamed's 'no tears' formula does not sting eyes.

Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream

Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream helps repair damaged, dry and cracked skin on infants, children and adults. Safe for use on the face and body, the cream is formulated with sucralfate that helps restore skin’s cutaneous barrier and helps maintain healthy skin. 

Absolute Essential Child Care: Immune Plus

Absolute Essential Child Care: Immune Plus is designed to assist the healthy immune functions of children and may be especially helpful when the inevitable childhood illnesses knock on the door. It supports the process of getting back to health safely and quickly. Suitable for diffusion, inhalation or bath, use as directed.

Rock & Ruddle Boar Bristle Acorns & Butterflies Brush – Small

This hair brush, featuring acorns and butterflies, is suitable for blow-drying and shaping all hair types and lengths. It is designed with boar bristles and distributes oils throughout hair. Each tuft includes one nylon strand to separate, detangle and smooth hair.

Oral-B Vitality Stages Kids Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Vitality Stages Kids Electric Toothbrush is designed especially for children. It has an ideal size with bristles that are perfect for the hands and mouths of young ones, delivering a gentle brushing experience. The toothbrush features fun characters from Frozen, and the design is inspired by the high cleaning power of professional dental tools.