This is how much time influencers spend on their mobiles

A US-based marketing agency, Influencer Agency, has investigated the amount of time that influencers are spending on their mobile devices each day.

The company surveyed 1,053 prominent influencers with 50k or more followers and found that on average they spend 9.02 hours (542 minutes) a day on their mobiles. 

In comparison, the average consumer spends 3.43 hours (or 223 minutes) on a mobile device a day.

To arrive at this extraordinary amount of time, the average influencer picks up their phone 342 times a day, compared to 52 times for non-influencers.

Another noteworthy result included the stark difference between male and female influencers. The former spend an average of 7.19 hours (439 minutes) on a mobile device, while female influencers reach an average of 10.06 (606 minutes).

A spokesperson from the Influencer Agency has offered some advice to those surveyed. Put down your mobile device at the weekend and join weekly meditation or yoga classes.