Q&A with brow expert Bianca Summerfield

To introduce our latest expert to the site, we sat down with Bianca Summerfield from Beauty By B to answer our burning questions about microblading and lash lifts. As a brow technician and makeup artist who specialises in ombre/powder brows, microblading and Yumi Lash Lift (to name a few); Bianca is well loved in the industry and should be your port of call for all brow-related questions.

How does the microblading process work?

You need two sessions 4-6 weeks apart.  The initial appointment takes approximately 2 hours and I like to work closely with my clients to ensure they are happy with the shape and colour before I start. The second session is the perfecting one, where we can adjust the colour and shape if necessary.

How long does microblading last (and is it really permanent?)

Microblading is semi permanent and is an individual thing on how long it lasts. This means that the pigment colour fades over time. You need to have a colour refresh done every 12 months. Ombre and powder brows, which are done with a machine, last longer - approximately 18 months for a colour refresh.

There are so many different eyebrow shading techniques now – can you explain the differences between ombre powder and microbladed brows?

Ombre and powder brows are done with a machine and leave a more ‘makeup’ look to the eyebrow. This procedure is also really good for people who exercise or have oily skin. Microblading tends to blur with these clients. Ombre and powder brows also last longer, with a colour refresh usually around 18 months. Ombre brows are softer and more natural looking, while powder brows are stronger and more defined.

Who is the ideal candidate for each technique?

Microblading is great for people who want a very natural look and ideally already have a good amount of brow hair. Ombre and powder brows are great for people with oily skin and/or who exercise. I personally love the look of these brows.

You also specialise in lash lifts – what is the benefit of this treatment over your classic lash extensions?

Yumi Lash Lift enhances your own natural lashes. It is a natural way to show off your best assets, which can be done in your lunch hour. The secret to the luscious result is the keratin protein in this formula that helps thicken and condition the natural lashes. Yumi Lash Lift originates from France, is vegan and cruelty-free and unlike many lash treatments it nourishes your lashes while giving them curl and fullness. The lash lift is not a perm as such; it doesn't involve the use of harsh, smelly chemicals (no parabens or formaldehyde), it's a keratin enriching technique that lifts your lashes and encourages them to look thicker and longer.  

Lastly, what do you love about working in the beauty industry?

I love working with people, I’m a real people person and I absolutely love helping people look and feel their best. Seeing my clients reactions after I've created beautiful brows for them is amazing!