Sigourney Cantelo chats Beauticate relaunch

Beauticate has had a makeover, which also happens to coincide with the site's sixth birthday. So in celebration of the relaunch, BD spoke with founder and editor, Sigourney Cantelo, to chat all things design, inspiration, and what Beauticate readers can look forward to in 2020.

Congratulations on the Beauticate relaunch! Can you take us through the changes?

Thanks - we’re really thrilled with the new site. The fresh, clean design perfectly represents the Beauticate aesthetic. Larger wide format images showcase our gorgeous WHO shoots - that give our readers a rare glimpse into the lives and beauty cabinets of influential and inspiring people.

The navigation on the home page makes it easy to find our content including the HOW-TOs and GO-TOs, our Beauty and Wellness Directory. We also have a refreshed logo and some shiny new fonts. As a font geek, that's my favourite part of the design process!

What inspired the new look?

Last year we engaged an SEO agency and did some heat mapping of the site to clearly map out our user experience and got some great insights.

We developed a strategy and engaged a creative director to help us further hone the Beauticate brand and give the site and all our communications a cleaner, more elevated feel. We’re really happy with the outcome - it’s modern, fresh and bright.

Are there any key features you'd like to highlight?

One of the learnings we got out of looking at our UX was that a Mega Menu (the large drop down when you hover over the top menu) would communicate our sections more effectively - we’ve got thumbnail previews built into that to further tease the content.

We’ve also got a gorgeous Instagram feed at the bottom of the page because that’s a huge platform for the brand.

This year marks the site's sixth birthday, what's coming up in 2020 for Beauticate?

It does! It’s a big year for us. Content wise we’ve got some great interviews, including Miranda Kerr, coming up and we’re working on a new video series that will go live soon.

We’ll be continuing our SEO and user experience strategies and we are working on some great social media campaigns at the moment to promote the new site as well as PR activities surrounding it.

We’ve also got some really exciting brand collaborations coming up for Mother’s Day too. 

Take a look at Beauticate’s new look here.

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