MAF's Sarah Roza on her makeup line with DB Cosmetics

Married at First Sight’s Sarah Roza is back behind the lens for a different reason – she’s just dropped her own makeup line in collaboration with DB Cosmetics! We caught up with the brazen strawberry blonde to get the scoop on the collection and chat all things beauty and MAFs.

Tell us all about the exciting new DB Cosmetics x Sarah Roza range!

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I have been such a huge fan of DB Cosmetics for so many years! I love the brand as it’s affordable but it’s quality and does exactly what it says it does – it makes me feel glamourous! I have so many women asking me every day what beauty products I’m wearing and nine times out of ten it’s a DB product, so it was a natural progression that one day we would do a collaboration. I am so excited that I have a lip range – it’s crazy!  The formula is gorgeous, the colour is pigmented, and colours are long lasting. All the colours were designed by me and you’ll notice quickly they all have blue undertones – this reflects the colour palette I wear daily as blue undertones make your teeth appear whiter! The names of each product are names that have meaning to me. There’s even a gorgeous purple long-wear matte named after my little dog Frankie!

What was your first experience with beauty?

My Mum, who has passed away now, was my first memory or experience with beauty. No matter where she was going, whether it was down to the shops or going out to an event she was always dolled up the nines. So, beauty to me was something you did like brushing your teeth. It was always making sure your hair was done and your makeup was done – always being ready. I even remember my grandmother saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” I’ve carried that through my whole life.

What is your beauty philosophy?

I believe that once you get your base right, you’re set for the rest of your look. You can really do anything with the perfect base. Also, eyebrows. They frame your face. If your eyebrows aren’t right – nothing else is going to work!

What is the biggest beauty tip you’ve learned to date?

I never believed in primers. I always thought they were a gimmick. I had tried so many primers and wasn’t convinced, but once I had found an excellent primer, I quickly learned they are crucial to the perfect base! I also swear by eye drops for bright and sparkly eyes! I use them every day. It keeps my eyes hydrated, clean, white and it makes my makeup look better.

Was there anything you changed about yourself appearance-wise after watching yourself on TV? 

I changed up my eyes! I went from wearing blues into more pastels and neutrals. Browns, taupes etc. I also feel like I do a lot more shadowing under my eyes now to make them look bigger.

What is your biggest beauty regret?

Not getting my eyebrows sorted sooner. When I was a teenager, I had two perfect eyebrows, but they didn’t match! I know I can’t have twin eyebrows, but I wish growing up I at least had brow sisters!

What is your ultimate beauty indulgence? 

I love getting massages and going for a full day of pampering.

What is your go-to day to day makeup look?

If I have a relaxing day, I’ll go for lip gloss, blush and mascara. Other than that, it’s full glam – eyelashes and all.

How do you glam up your makeup look for special events?

My absolute favourite product that makes me feel glam is my DB Liquid Gold Jelly Highlighter. It never fails me! I’ll jump out of the shower. Moisturise and pop it on my arms, my legs, my collar bones. I look dewy, healthy and glowy – when you have this product on you look like you belong somewhere fancy! I’ll always pop on red lip with a blue undertone for glam as it makes my teeth look really white. I’m currently loving my DB Cosmetics x Sarah Roza Longwear Matte Lip Colour in Sassy. I also use my DB Brilliant Skin Blush and Illuminator Duo in the shade Rosy Glow – it leaves me with perfectly glowing skin that’s red carpet ready. To finish my glam look, I’ll pop on my Roza Gold Lip Plumping Lip Gloss* for a fuller, sexier pout with a gold reflect.

What lip look are you loving right now from your DB Cosmetics collection?

I am absolutely loving using my Roza Gold lip topper on top of any of my lip colours. Putting the shimmery topper on makes everything look more intense and the rose gold pigments make my lips look dazzling!

In particular I love using either of my lip liners with Sassy – the red is so glam! Of course with my Roza Gold Lip Gloss on top.

Those dinner parties can be pretty long (and gruelling!), what beauty hacks or long-wearing products do you swear by?

I love wearing long-wear products and setting the base is so important! A really good setting spray is a must. I love my DB Velvet Matte in the colour True Beige to get me through a long day.

If you could only pick one product from your DB Cosmetics collection to have in your handbag at all times what would it be?

This is a tough one. From my collection it would be my Roza Gold Lip Gloss so I’m always ready, but I would also have to have to say as well my DB Brilliant Skin Blush and Illuminator Duo in the shade Rosy Glow.

What have you learned about yourself through and after Married At First Sight?

Use your voice, speak up when you feel something is wrong and trust your gut!

How do you cope with negativity on social media?

Kill them with kindness – they won’t know what to do!

This or that…

Brush or sponge? None! I’d choose my fingers. If I had to choose through, brush.

Lipstick or lip gloss? Lipstick

Matte or dewy? Matte

Bronzer or blush? Bronzer

Falsies or lash extensions? Falsies

* The DB Roza Gold Lip Plumping Lip Gloss is a gift with purchase when buying three or more DB products.

DB Cosmetics x Sarah Jane Roza collection is available in select pharmacies nationwide and online.