Pash rash and dash?

Think she’s just not that into you? Might be that she’s just not into your stubble. A recent survey by has found that pash rash is causing Australian women to purposely avoid men with stubble - leading to a kissing recession.

The study interviewed kissing experts, doctors, and over 1000 Australian men and women aged 18 to 39, with stubble found to be an obstacle for passionate kissing.

It was discovered that 70 per cent of women would prefer to give a man with stubble a quick kiss rather than a lingering pash, while 71 percent of Australian women admitted to wanting to share a lingering kiss with a clean shaven man.

Gillette’s insights have been featured in a new documentary Are Aussie Men Killing the Kiss?, which ponders the current state of the kiss in Australia, the significance of the kiss, and why it’s so important than couples get it right. Men and women are also invited to participate in a debate about whether stubble is killing the kiss at or #thekissdebate.

Kissing is such an intimate fundamental part of a relationship. It signifies intimacy between two people and is the starting point to building a meaningful connection and a longer-lasting intimacy,” comments relationships expert Nikki Goldstein.

Kissing also releases brain chemicals such as oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’, which is responsible for making people feel bonded and connected. If kissing is on the decline as this research suggests, then we, as a nation, are in serious trouble!”