Spray tans and eyebrow waxing for Aussie blokes?

Is it weird for a straight guy to comment that another man has a nice smileā€? That was the question posed to listeners of the Sami and Yumi show on Mix106.5 this morning. And while the radio staff were of the opinion it was strange, results from a new report begs to differ.

The NIVEA Men Grooming Report studied over 1000 Australian men aged 18 years and older and found that 78 per cent of participants size up other guys when they first meet, and 61 per cent are jealous of other men who look good.

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But male grooming is not all about impressing the same sex, with 73 per cent believing they also have more luck with the ladies when they look good. This pressure to look good has seen 74 per cent of men prepared to go to extra grooming lengths to increase their sex appeal.

In order to up their appeal, 51 per cent would be willing to get their teeth whitened, 47 per cent would remove body hair, 42 per cent would use a moisturiser, 27 per cent would have a facial, 14 per cent would get their eyebrows waxed and 11 per cent would get a spray tan.