Australia's most loved retailers have been crowned

A new report released by Power Retail has revealed Australia’s most loved retailers.

Drawn from surveys of over 12,000 authentic online shoppers, the 25+ page report highlights the champions in retail right now, broken down amongst varying factors such as age group, product category and selling channel.

So, who stacked up? Determined by a widely known Net Promoter Score (NPS) system*, of the top ranked Australian retailers, fashion and accessories brands came out swinging receiving the highest scores, with health and beauty players following.

Power Retail’s most loved Australian top 10 retailers are:

2. City Chic
3. Forever New
4. Dusk
6. Adore Beauty
7. Pet Circle
8. Sketchers
9. Bonds
10. Repco

Further breaking down the health and beauty categories, the retailers winning over Aussie consumers are:

2. Adore Beauty
3. Chemist Warehouse
4. Shaver Shop
5. Priceline
6. Sephora
7. Nutrition Warehouse

Power Retail editor, Rosalea Catterson attributes the top rankings to retailers who prioritise their customers and offer personalised shopping experiences.

"THE ICONIC has a real customer-first mentality that shoppers gravitate towards," said Catterson.

"They also have an efficient returns process, eliminating the major deterrent for online shopping."

"Mecca also ranks so highly because of their loyal customer base that they leverage with their Beauty Loop tiered program, rewarding customers for their loyalty with customised gift boxes," she said.

Using the NPS metric as an indicator of customer loyalty to an online retailer, Power Retail asked customers how likely they were to recommend a brand based on recent buying experience.

Before even being presented with the query, respondents were first asked about their recent transactions with specified retailers, and only those who confirmed recent purchases were included in the study.

Power Retail broke down the respondents into three NPS categories:

Promoters – providing a rating of 9 or 10

Passives – providing a rating of 7 or 8

Detractors – providing a rating of 0 to 6

The resulting scores were determined from a calculation that involved subtracting the percentage of detractors of each retailer from the percentage of promoters.

"With this being our first-ever Most-Loved Retailers Report, it was important that we surveyed a wide selection of respondents who encompassed diverse demographics and geographic regions across Australia to ensure our results reflected a variety of Australian consumers," said Power Retail head of data, David Fear.

"The culminating data provided us with valuable insights that were two-fold: first, into where customer satisfaction and loyalty currently lie with leading online retailers and next, what this says about customer expectations in 2024."

For more data from Power Retail and to review the full report, click here.

*A Net Promoter Score is traditionally a market research metric used to determine customer sentiment toward a particular product, company, or service.

Header image credit: Power Retail