Everything we know about Jeffree Star's new skincare brand

According to an article by WWD, Jeffree Star is set to expand his beauty empire to an entirely new category – skincare.

The well-known beauty influencer will be debuting Jeffree Star Skin, a collection that has been in the works for years. The line will launch seven products on February 25, delivering a full skincare routine to reflect Star’s own everyday favourites.

“[The pandemic] opened up a whole new world and we just happened to be developing skincare for years now, so the timing of the pandemic and this launch is bizarre and cool,” Star said. “I’ve always loved skin. I’ve been reviewing skincare for years, so it was a natural progression. I think we definitely dominated the crazy colour cosmetics industry, so I really wanted to give the customer an experience, but also formulas that worked.”

The collection offers two hero products: Magic Star Hydrating Moisturizer (US$28) and Morning Dew Hydrating Eye Cream (US$24). The moisturiser is formulated with niacinamide, sugar-derived squalee and apple extract to help hydrate, brighten and sculp the complexion. Meanwhile, the eye cream contains ingredients such as red algae, vitamin C and caffeine to firm the skin, reduce puffiness and brighten the face.

Star said it was important that his products had a thorough formulation process so that they would be effective, with unique and clean ingredients. They also contain a higher percentage of niacinamide and are free from alcohol and synthetic fragrances.

According to Star, the brand naturally extends from his hugely popular Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand, which is known for its bold colours, controversial themes and flashy packaging. It has grown immensely since its 2014 launch, and is now one of the most successful beauty brands on the market.

When asked about similarities between the two brands, the founder said “I always want to be very gaudy and dramatic, but [the skincare line] isn’t as dramatic as Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It had to be a subdued version.”

He added that the skincare line is the “perfect prep” for the cosmetics brand, saying: “If you really want to get that Jeffree Star face and that skin, then this is the perfect thing. I know I haven’t put out a foundation yet – that’ll come out one day – but the full line, prior to makeup application, will make you look stunning. Your skin is going to look like a mannequin.”