The dental expert influencers choose for a camera-ready smile

Scrolling through her Instagram feed, with over one million followers, you see a confident and happy woman. But influencer and mother of twins, Brooke Iseppi said she hasn’t always felt this way, and in fact was once embarrassed and self-conscious because of her teeth.

After working with one of Australia’s leading cosmetic dentists, Dr James Malouf, to help improve her insecurities, Brooke is now sharing her experience and how her new smile has in fact, changed her life.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you end up becoming an influencer?
I’m a mother to gorgeous identical twin girls, Isabella and Mia, who kick-started it all! When they were a few years old I began posting pictures of them to my Instagram and before I knew it, my account just blew up. Ever since then, my account has only continued to grow. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities to work with many great brands and talented people because of it.

You’re in front of the camera a lot, how do you maintain a healthy glow inside and out?
I try to maintain a holistic healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise, a good daily skincare routine, a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water every day but my healthy and happy glow ultimately comes from the joys of being a mum to my two amazing girls.

What do you look for when collaborating with brands or industry experts?
I always make sure I do my research on the brand or company and get referrals before I work with them. I cannot stress enough the importance of doing your research, reading reviews and making sure you agree with their core values as a brand. I don’t work with any brands or companies that I do not believe in, or that are not ethical, especially when it comes to anything cosmetic or beauty related.

Why did you choose Dr James Malouf to be your cosmetic dentist? How did Dr James Malouf's services stand out to you?
I had been referred to Dr James Malouf a few years ago. Of course, before I booked my appointment, I first did my research and discovered how talented he is! Not only is Dr Malouf insanely kind and understanding, but he is also extremely skilled and an expert in both cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. It eased my mind to know that Dr Malouf had over 10 years of experience and had a Masters of Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent), Prosthodontics. It was this that made me want to choose Dr Malouf to be my cosmetic dentist and to personally handcraft my new smile. When I met Dr Malouf during my consultation, he answered my all questions, asked me what I wanted to achieve with my smile and walked me through the entire process of getting porcelain veneers. My partner, David was with me and consequently also decided to get veneers and a new smile makeover too.

What were you hoping to achieve with your smile makeover?
I wanted to be able to confidently smile, which I felt I was never able to do beforehand, and talk to people without feeling that they were staring at my teeth. I also wanted to improve my oral health as I had a few cavities and chipped teeth. Before I could be fitted for porcelain veneers, Dr Malouf performed general dentistry, to clean and restore my teeth.  This included a few visits to the hygienist for cleaning, fillings and the removal of four of my teeth. Once my gum tissues had healed, Dr Malouf enhanced my smile with porcelain veneers across the front and replaced my missing teeth with porcelain bridges along both sides.

What in particular did you love about the overall experience that you think people should know about?
Prior to visiting Dr Malouf, I had an irrational fear of the dentist as some of my past experiences hadn’t been so good and I also felt embarrassed about my teeth. He has completely changed my view and I now look forward to my appointments! I also thought the process would be quite painful, but I experienced little to no pain, even with teeth being removed. Dr Malouf and his team made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, I knew I was in good hands.

And the end results? How happy were you with your new smile?
I am over the moon, I’m still pinching myself! It still doesn’t feel real and I’m so thankful to Dr Malouf and his staff for completely changing my life. I never used to smile with teeth but now I feel like a new person because I literally can’t stop smiling. It really goes to show how much of a difference a smile can make!

What advice would you give fellow influencers when looking to get veneers and dental work done?
Definitely, do your research, and find a cosmetic dentist that has the correct qualifications and credentials because a lot of dentists call themselves cosmetic dentists but never completed further qualifications in Aesthetic Dentistry. Don’t be afraid to ask for before and afters, a good dentist will provide you with all their case studies and properly run you through your procedure. A new smile sounds amazing but not everyone is nearly as skilled and talented as Dr James Malouf!

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