Google’s top beauty trends of 2023

Google’s annual Year in Search report is here, rounding up 2023's trending search terms from across the world.

So, what were beauty consumers searching for this year? According to Google, searches for foodie-based beauty trends dominated.

Here, we share the top trending make-up searches of 2023:

1. Latte make-up

2. Strawberry make-up

3. Uncanny valley make-up

Image credit: @alissajanay, @haileybieber, @aalexayoung

4. Concealer lips

5. Mocha make-up

6. Lip gloss nails

Image credit: @sofiarichiegrainge, @schaebreezy, @aishaaalaqeel

7. Douyin make-up

8. Dark lip liner

Image credit: Douyin makeup, @0emmamac

9. Pink concealer

10. Cold girl make-up

Image credit: @minahamideh, @darceyangel

Google has also shared the top 16 most searched for beauty products in 2023, click here to find out what made the cut.

Header image credit: Megan Decker, @haileybieber, La Roche-Posay