Sephora announces its largest expansion ever

According to WWD, Sephora has this week unveiled its plans to open 100 new stores across North America in 2020, which is more than double the amount of store openings last year. It also marks Sephora’s largest single-year expansion ever in the region.

Centreing around local neighbourhoods and community centres, the stores will be spread across 75 various cities. In a statement, Sephora said the goal is to place stores where clients live and work, with the primary focus being on ease and convenience – a big shift from its previous strategy of having stores in malls or housed in a small part of J.C. Penney locations.

“In looking at where and how today’s beauty lover is shopping, there’s no doubt that there’s a trend toward more local shopping destinations,” Sephora senior vice president of real estate and store development, Jeff Gaul, said. “This year, clients can expect to see more Sephora stores not only in malls and high-traffic shopping centres, but also closer to home. These locations are meant to complement our existing fleet and give clients a more personalised and customised experience.”

In a press release, Sephora Americas president and chief executive officer, Jean-André Rougeot, said the beauty retailer’s focus continues to be on anticipating the beauty needs and desires of its diverse clients across North America, and that as it looks at ways to continue be more inclusive and accessible, “brick-and-mortar continues to be a huge opportunity for us to deepen emotional connections with our clients and local communities.”

LVMH, which owns Sephora, also reported in its most recent earnings report that the chain is “experiencing strong growth and continues to gain market share,” which is rare in brick-and-mortar retail these days.

Slightly smaller than their mall counterparts, the new stores will be coming to Charlotte, N.C., Nashville, Tenn., San Jose, Calif., along with many other cities. The design has been described as “sleek architectural,” with hair and skincare products featured front and centre.