The campaign championing diversity and creativity

Well-known Australian retailer, Sportsgirl, is today launching the fourth chapter of its Be That Girl movement, titled ‘Be Heard.’

First introduced in 2018, Be That Girl was designed to help empower Australian girls and give them confidence to be whoever they want to be by providing them with a platform to share their stories and inspire others.

“2020 is the start of a new decade, one that celebrates diversity, creativity, spirituality and inclusivity,” Sportsgirl CEO, Colleen Callender said. “The latest instalment, Be Heard, features ten new faces – both male and female – a first for the brand… The cast have been selected to not only be the face of the campaign, but act as a voice and barometer for Gen Sportsgirl."

This year, the empowering line-up of talent includes the likes of a transgender influencer and LGBTQI+ advocate, financial advisor, artist and writer, beauty entrepeneur and business founder, human rights journalist and makeup artist, among others.

To learn a bit more about the movement, BD sat down with one of the campaign representatives, makeup artist, Jacob Stella, who was chosen for the unique perspective he brings to the Australian beauty landscape.

“I see things from an artist’s perspective. I always try and see every side to a situation or story before making any judgments,” he said. “Being a guy who wears a full face of makeup on social media isn't easy at all by any means, however allowing yourself to be vulnerable, open and genuine allows an audience to be able to connect with you on a much deeper level.”

As for why he wanted to be part of the campaign, Jacob believes it represents every type of person, adding that “it’s important to share your thoughts and emotions because someone listening or watching will always be able to relate.”

Being a male working in the sometimes cut-throat world of beauty, it comes as no surprise that Jacob has experienced his fair share of challenges, which Be That Girl hopes to shine a light on so that others can learn to embrace their creativity and challenge the status quo.

“One of the biggest challenges was being taken seriously,” Jacob said. “By companies, by brands, by investors, by the general public. People tend to see a guy with a winged eyeliner and false lashes and instantly categorise him as a 'self-obsessed queen with no humility', and I feel as though I'm the complete opposite of that.

Don't be scared to do the opposite [of what others are doing]. Don't feel as though you have to follow a crowd and look the same way everyone does, or do the same thing or create one way instead of another. The best you can be is YOU.”