You would never guess how this serum is packaged

innisfree Australia has announced it will be launching its best-selling Green Tea Seed Serum in packaging made with 51.8% less plastic as part of a new initiative to reduce the impact on nature and the Earth.

innisfree has a long-standing connection with nature and a long-term commitment towards sustainability, with the belief that small acts in daily life can have a positive impact on the environment.

Continuing to use innovation as a way of making beauty more sustainable, innisfree's new Green Tea Seed Serum (named Hello, I’m Paper Bottle) features packaging made with an outer paper mould, a lighter inner plastic liner to protect the formula, and 10% recycled plastic used for the cap and shoulder to help reduce the use of plastic.

"We are committed to seeking alternative and more sustainable packaging solutions,” innisfree Australia marketing manager, Nikki Novakovic, said. “There are undoubtedly plenty of simple opportunities to reduce the use of plastic. The Green Tea Seed Serum paper bottle is a small but a significant step towards more sustainable beauty, and from here, we will strive to further develop product packaging that has a positive impact on our environment and the Earth.”

Once customers have finished the limited-edition serum, they can simply peel off the label and pull the two halves of the moulded paper shell away from the thin inner plastic container to recycle separately.

Customers can also recycle empty bottles in any innisfree store in Australia. To encourage recycling, innisfree rewards its customers with points through their loyalty program for every bottle recycled. In Australia, innisfree partners with TerraCycle to collect and upcycle these materials into new objects. In 2019, innisfree Australia recycled close to one tonne of collected materials from stores.

Starting with Hello, I’m Paper Bottle, innisfree will continue its efforts to reduce waste derived from packaging by expanding its eco-friendly and sustainable material use that will gradually be implemented across its regular products. Building on this commitment, innisfree aims to have 100% of its plastic waste reusable by 2030. To further support sustainability efforts, the brand will also continue to reduce the amount of plastic and vinyl usage in stores.

‘Hello, I’m Paper Bottle’ is set to launch in-stores on September 1, 2020. It will be double the size (160mL) and will retail at $54.

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