POPSUGAR Australia has a new beauty and wellness writer

After a few detours, Bree Grant is stepping back into the industry, announcing she's taking post as POPSUGAR Australia's newest beauty and wellness writer. BD sat down with Grant to chat about her new role and what she's most looking forward to.

Congratulations on your new role as beauty and wellness writer at POPSUGAR Australia. Can you tell us a bit about what the position will entail? 
I’m so excited to be POPSUGAR’s new beauty and wellness writer, it’s honestly a dream role with a dream team. I’ll be looking after our beauty and health and fitness vertices, so writing features, doing interviews, product and class reviews and must-have shopping guides. 

What aspects are you most looking forward to? 
I’m most looking forward to writing again, I dipped out of the industry for a while so it’s good to be back. And playing in both the beauty and wellness space this time around. 

Can you tell us about your past media experience and what made you want to get into the industry? 
I cut my teeth in the DOLLY beauty cupboard, and from there was luckily enough to become their beauty assistant before jumping across to work on CLEO as well, once they merged. After CLEO closed I found myself as the beauty and features writer at DOLLY for another year before sadly it closed, too (RIP). After that I went to be a publicist at Disney and ESPN. I always wanted to be a writer and luckily I found my love for beauty and health early on and have continued down that path ever since, minus a few detours. 

Best thing about working in beauty? 
The education! I love learning about all the science behind skincare, makeup and hair care products and formulas and sharing it with people! It’s so fascinating. 

What's first on your agenda in the new role?
Mainly just looking to connect and re-connect with all the lovely brands and PRs at the moment, letting everyone know that I’m back and I’m looking forward to working with everyone again. 

If you're a brand or PR agency and would like to touch base with Bree, she can be contacted on: bree.grant@pedestriangroup.com.au.