AAFW backstage report: Beare Park

Beare Park backstage report - Wednesday June 2, 2021


Makeup director Nicole Thompson (Pinky) using NUDESTIX.


"NUDESTIX was the perfect choice for Beare Park," said Thompson. "The designer wanted a polished finish to complement the sophisticated simplicity of the oversized and feminine tailored pieces. The tones and textures of the NUDESTIX range mirrors the smooth textures, tones and perfect neutral shades of Beare Park to complement any skin tone.”

Models were enhanced with flushed warm peachy tones, with colour moving around the face with a brief described as healthy, sculpted and luxe.

Each looks was tailored to the model's face, with apricot peach (Nudies Bloom in Sweet Peach Peony & Tiger Lily Queen) and caramel tones (Nudies Matte in Bondi Bae, In the Nude & Sunkissed) to create a moving veil of colour over the cheeks, bridge of the nose on some and up around the eyes and temples of the face on others.


Base: Tinted Cover foundation for the perfect amount of light coverage while staying luminous. Great to apply anywhere the skin is showing, even on bodies - for effortlessly perfect skin.

Conceal: Cream Concealer concentrated on the centre in one shade lighter than the model's skin to give a sculpted appearance to the face. This concealer is skincare infused so it melts into the skin seamlessly and never feels heavy.

Colour: Nudies All Over Matte and Bloom to give colour to the skin.


- NUDESTIX Tinted Cover Foundation
- NUDESTIX Cream Concealer
- NUDESTIX Nudies All Over Matte and Bloom

Imagery credit: Sonny Vandevelde and Getty