AAFW backstage report: Manning Cartell

Manning Cartell backstage report - Thursday June 4, 2021


Redken Australia hair director, Diane Gorgievski.


Hunter Lab


“The brief for Delta’s hair for her performance at the Manning Cartell AAFW show was a very lived in, rock’n’roll aesthetic," said Gorgievski.

"The dress she is wearing is super sexy so to complement the Manning Cartell look, we created a textured, sexy, cool-girl hair style that embodies exactly who Delta is. Delta and I have been working together for years and we use Redken Shades EQ Gloss to keep her hair shiny and healthy, which was the perfect base for this lived-in rockstar look."

Hunter Lab co-founder, Elliot Waldron added, "Inspired by Manning Cartell’s iconic design, Hunter Lab creates skincare-only looks capturing the beauty of natural skin and the essence of individuality and inclusivity."


1. We prepped Delta’s hair with Redken Gutz 10 Volume Spray and Redken Fashion Waves 07 and diffused the two products into her hair.

2. Following that we did a mix of tong application through the back of the hair, doing a combo of horizontal sections and then we wrapped the hair ends.

3. To frame her face, we did an s-bend in the front and top which created a rock and roll aesthetic.

4. We then went through with the irons and used Redken Fashion Work 12 to straighten up all of the ends.

5. Then we went back through the roots with the irons to put a 90-degree angle on the roots to really lift them and give it that lived in, lifted and textured look.

6. We completed the look with Redken Triple Dry 15 Texturising Spray, a little bit of Redken Forceful 23 and lastly Redken Texture Powder Grip 03.


MARINE HEALING ESSENCE - A soothing and refreshing treatment infused with marine actives to deeply hydrate and prepare skin.

Usage: Warm a few drops between palms and press gently into skin. Apply more on areas of dehydration and redness to plump and calm.

Finish: Rapidly absorbs and leaves little to no residue or shine to skin. Perfect alone for a super natural finish, or layered with additional products to desired effect.

LIPID VITAMIN FACE OIL - A multi-functional oil imbued with 19 super oils and extracts to brighten and enliven the complexion.

Usage: Warm 4 drops between palms and press gently into skin. For additional luminosity, focus on high points of the face such as cheek and brow bones, lips and bridge of the nose. Mix with Daily Face Fuel for a more natural radiance and less gloss.

Finish: Natural to dewy depending on amount applied and application technique. Layer under moisturiser for a more satin finish, or on top for high- gloss radiance. Use as highlighter as needed (including on body and hair).


- Redken Guts 10
- Redken Fashion Waves 07
- Redken Fashion Work 12
- Redken Triple Dry 15
- Redken Forceful 23
- Redken Texture Powder Grip. 03

- Hunter Lab Peptide Eye Renewal Daily Face
- Hunter Lab Fuel
- Hunter Lab Lip Ammo

Imagery credit: @Getty