AAFW backstage report: Jordan Dalah

Jordan Dalah backstage report - Monday July 31, 2021


Hunter Lab co-founder, Elliot Waldron


Australian natural skin health brand Hunter Lab has collaborated with visionary designer, Jordan Dalah, to create impeccable skin-focused looks for AAFW 2021. In keeping with Jordan’s sensitivity to details both inside and out of his Tudor-inspired pieces, the focus on radiant skin from within reigns supreme.

“Utilising key products layered in harmony with facial massage, Hunter Lab unlocks the visible vitality of superb skin health for Dalah’s upcoming presentation,” said Waldron.


1. MARINE HEALING ESSENCE - A soothing and refreshing treatment infused with marine actives to deeply hydrate and prepare skin.

Usage: Warm a few drops between palms and press gently into skin. Apply more on areas of dehydration and redness to plump and calm.

Finish: Rapidly absorbs and leaves little to no residue or shine to skin. Perfect alone for a super natural finish, or layered with additional products to desired effect.

2. LIPID VITAMIN FACE OIL - A multi-functional oil imbued with 19 super oils and extracts to brighten and enliven the complexion.

Usage: Warm four drops between palms and press gently into skin. For additional luminosity, focus on high points of the face such as cheek and brow bones, lips and bridge of the nose. Mix with Daily Face Fuel for a more natural radiance and less gloss.

Finish: Natural to dewy depending on amount applied and application technique. Layer under moisturiser for a more satin finish, or on top for high-gloss radiance. Use as highlighter as needed (including on body and hair).

3. AURA FACIAL SCULPTING TOOL - A 24K gold-plated facial massage tool charged with gentle microcurrent to help sculpt and tone the face.

Usage: Once skin has been prepped with Marine Healing Essence and Lipid Vitamin Face Oil, use the natural contours of Aura to sculpt the jawline, cheeks and lift the brows. Use the rounded end to help eliminate puffiness and signs of fatigue around the eye area.

Finish: Brings an immediate sculpted and lifted appearance to the face. Great for enhancing circulation for a naturally flushed glow.


- Hunter Lab Marine Healing Essence
- Hunter Lab Lipid Vitamin Face Oil
- Hunter Lab Aura Facial Sculpting Oil
- Hunter Lab Peptide Eye Renewal Daily Face Fuel
- Hunter Lab Lip Ammo
- Hunter Lab Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion

Imagery credit: @gettyimages